Letter from Mike Lindseth, President of Double Eagle HOA.

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Next meetings: October 14, 2006 & April 21, 2007

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 July 26, 2006

Dear fellow Double Eagle homeowner

As I assume the position of President of our homeowners association and Jerry Niegelsen assumes the Chairman role of our renovation committee we would first like to thank Dave Wright and the prior board members for their years of service and the many, many contributions they made. We would also like to thank the retiring members of our renovation committee for all their hard work and dedication-- giving us a great start on a much needed "makeover" for our property in Breckenridge. The upcoming year will be a very exciting one and we want to give you a quick update.

A special meeting for all owners is scheduled for October 14th starting at 10:00am in Breckenridge. We will be presenting the final renovation plan at that time for a vote to move forward. Next year's Annual Meeting will be held on April 21st at 10:00am in Breckenridge. Please mark your calendars-we would very much like to see as many owners attend as possible.

Over the next 30 days our renovation committee is putting together options for the roof. We will schedule a teleconference meeting of all owners in late August to present those options to you and take a vote on which one we want to implement. We will notify you in the next few weeks as to the date, time and call-in numbers for that (teleconference) meeting. The expected options are:

      Option 1: Do any needed repairs this fall, followed by a complete roof replace-
      ment (including a new structure) to be done during the renovation next year.
      Hopefully we can fund the repairs this fall from our existing cash position.
      See attached schedule of our money market account.
     Option 2: Replace the existing roof this fall within the existing roof lines and
      structure. This option would require an assessment as early as September 1.
      Please be aware of this possibility as we may need to raise the money on a
      very short notice. This options is expected to cost substantially less than
      Option 1 as it would not change the structure, shape and lines of the existing
     Option 3: Do any needed repairs this fall and replace the existing roof within the
      existing roof lines (same type of replacement as in Option 2) but done with the
      renovation next year.

The renovation committee is also working on resolving some other open issues with the
proposed renovation, including deciding whether to extend all of the upper floor decks (13 in total). Hopefully we will be able to discuss their early findings at our teleconference meeting to be scheduled in August.

At our annual meeting we also established a committee to work on a hot tub proposal to keep our hot tub secure and operating much more effectively. We expect to have their recommendations to review and vote on at our special homeowners meeting on October 14th.

The year ahead will bring much change and hopefully significant improvement to Double Eagle. Jerry and I are committed to keeping you informed and involved in the decisions that are made. Communication will be a key priority for us. We will have a WEB site that Fred May is creating to include renovation plans and updates. This site should be available in the next few weeks and the address will be www.mayhouse.org/doubleeagle.

We will also send a short e-mail once per month to those of you who we have e-mail address for to keep you up to date with what is happening with your Double Eagle home.

The goal for us on the board and the renovation committee in 2006 is to gain agreement from the owners on a major renovation for Double Eagle which will include a new leak free roof and a hot tub that works. The goal for 2007 is to complete that renovation before ski season opens again.

Double Eagle is a special place with a great community of owners. We will make every effort to keep each of you aware, involved and (hopefully) fully supportive of the renovation. We strive to achieve 19 /19 votes in favor of the final plan.

Thank you for your support.

Mike Lindseth
11797 Mount Curve Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55347

Jerry Niegelsen
West 1902 Passtime Lane
 East Troy, Wisc. 53210


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