Double Eagle Renovation Committee

Telephonic Committee Meeting

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Minutes of the previous meeting
Minutes of the next meeting

Posted for review by the Renovation Committee and to inform owners about the meeting.
Final approval of these minutes will be made at the next committee meeting.

Additions & corrections to the original draft of the minutes are noted in red.

Participating in the meeting from the Renovation Committee:

  • Jerry Niegelsen, Chairman

  • Darnell Boehm, Fiona Halfon, Brian Skoog, Fred May

Also present:
Mike Lindseth, President, Double Eagle Homeowners.
Randy Rothe, owner B-32.

The meeting began at 6:00 pm CST and lasted until about 7:05 pm.

Summary of topics discussed:

  • The minutes of the 8/25/06 meeting were briefly discussed and, with no additions or corrections, are approved.

  • Darnell Boehm completed interviews with prospective Architects and recommended we contract Adam Savage Architecture for the job.

    • After discussion by the committee on the Architect and terms of a contract, this Architecture firm was approved unanimously.

    • Darnell and Mike Lindseth will review the final terms of the contract and either of them are authorized by the Renovation Committee to sign it and execute other contracts relevant to this project.
    • Adam Savage previously worked for the firm that did our initial architectural work. He has a website at:

  • Contracts for a Water Engineer and a Surveyor have been signed.

    • The Water Engineer has begun his work regarding ground water issues on both buildings and specific recommendations are expected in the next few weeks.

    • The Surveyor should soon begin his work.

  • Installation of a new metal roof.

    • Darnell Boehm reported progress on removing the old roofing and inspecting the condidtion of the sub-structure.

    • With minor repairs, it appears to be in good shape for installing the metal roof.
    • At the previous meeting, delivery of the metal roofing materials was reported to be scheduled for September 15th.

  • A general contractor for the renovation work is yet to be chosen.

    • In additioin to supervising the renovation, the contractor is expected to offer internal improvements for individual owners to upgrade their units.

  • Wording on a general policy for defining renovation and improvement items that will be shared by all owners and those that will be done at an individual owner's expense.

    • The committee discussed wording proposed by Darnell Boehm and gave their approval.

      • Treat owners fairly

      • Assessments to follow the per centage apportionments outlined in the Double Eagle Condominium Declaration.
      • Any expense for variable work on an individual unit [like A-01 deck & wall sealing] that is to be shared by all owners needs to be authorized at an owners meeting.

        Additional points:

      • All 19 units will share the cost of renovation work that is an existing condition [such as existing skylights and enlarged patios].

      • Individual owners will pay for all costs associated with a new feature added to their unit, even if that feature is an existing condition at other units. Special permits and contractors are the resonsibility of these owners, not the Renovation Committee.
      • The cost of a new feature for a specific unit can be shared by all 19 units if authorized at an owners meeting.

    • This topic will be on the agenda for the Owners Meeting scheduled in Breckenridge for Saturday October 14th.

  • The need for some changes to our By-Laws was outlined and discussed and the committee agreed that they should be on the agenda for the October 14th Owners Meeting.

    • Pledging assessments to a lender.

    • Term limits for officers.
    • Architecture Committee

  • General Discussion on the Renovation:

    • A number of other topics were informally raised and discussed but no specific recommendations were made by the committee at this meeting.

Jerry Niegelsen, Chairman
Double Eagle Renovatin Committee

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