Double Eagle Renovation Committee

Telephonic Committee Meeting
Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Minutes of the previous meeting
Minutes of the next meeting

Posted for review by the Renovation Committee and to inform owners about the meeting.
Final approval of these minutes will be made at the next committee meeting.

Additions & corrections to the original draft of the minutes are noted in red.

Participating in the meeting from the Renovation Committee:

  • Jerry Niegelsen, Chairman

  • Darnell Boehm, Brian Skoog, Brian Thompson, Fred May
  • Fiona Halfon joined us near the end of the meeting

The meeting began at 6:00 pm CST and ended at 7:00 pm.

Summary of topics discussed:

  • The minutes of the 9/6/06 meeting were approved as amended.

  • Brian Skoog reported on progress on the installation of a new metal roof.

    • Photos posted
    • No new sheeting has been necessary on the roof.
    • The steel panels should all be installed by Friday, Oct. 13
    • By Oct 23 the remaining work on the roof should be completed for this season.
    • Some caulking and minor repairs may be required on the wood wall of the chimney stacks.
    • Final work on the chimney siding will be part of the project next year.

  • Darnell Boehm reported on the status of two engineering activities:

    • GeoTech engineer has made his recommendations for both buildings.
      • Bldg. A:
      • Excavate the sides of the building and reseal the foundation.
      • Replace the wood timber wall of the A01 patio with concrete and extend the floor over to the bedroom window along Four O'Clock Road.

      • Bldg. B:

      • Install a trench pipe covered with river rock under the building.
      • Raise the gas meters that are under the building.

    • The property has been surveyed and the boundary is marked.

  • The remaining two units with wood-burning fireplaces will be converted to gas, at the owner's expense, by December.

  • Darnell reported on the status of an Architecture firm for the project:

    • Adam Savage Architecture, the firm selected at the previous meeting of the committee, has resigned and refunded the retainer we paid.
    • Other architects have been interviewed and the committee approved the appointment of another Breckenridge firm, Equinox Architecture, LLC.

  • The committee discussed some of the City of Breckenridge requirements for exterior materials and alternatives that other complexes have taken to address these requirements.

    • The committee voted to make recommendations to the owners on Oct 14th that the exterior is to designed to meet the City requirement of 75% plus natural materials.

    • The architect will also be expected to help with this process and bring specific recommendations forward for consideration.

  • The committee discussed some alternative terms for a contract with the construction company for the project.

    • The committee voted to make recommendations to the owners on Oct 14th that we execute a "cost plus" contract with Travis Construction.

    • The specific wording for "cost plus" is to yet to be approved.

  • A preliminary design for ski lockers outside the building are expected for discussion at the next Owners Meeting.

Jerry Niegelsen, Chairman

Double Eagle Renovatin Committee

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