Double Eagle Renovation Committee

Telephonic Committee Meeting

Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Minutes of the previous meeting
Minutes of the next meeting

Posted for review by the Renovation Committee and to inform owners about the meeting.
Final approval of these minutes will be made at the next committee meeting.

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Participating in the meeting from the Renovation Committee:

  • Jerry Niegelsen, Chairman

  • Darnell Boehm, Fiona Halfon, Jessie Lindseth

Other members of the Board who also participated:

  • Mike Lindseth

The meeting began at 6:05pm CST and ended at 6:35pm

Summary of topics discussed:

  • Fred May resigned as Secretary but will still update and run the website. Jessie Lindseth was accepted as the new Secretary.

  • Roof

o Still need 3 more days to finish the project including sealing up the gutters and putting the heat tape back in. Because of the snowstorms during the last few weeks the work was delayed. The weather looks good next week and it is anticipated the roof will be finished the end of next week (Dec 15th).

  • Lockers

o One week in January the lockers will be installed. They will be built off site and then brought up one locker at a time and screwed together.
o Each locker will be 7' tall and owners will be able to finish the interior of their own locker.

  • Fireplace

o All units have now installed gas fireplaces so the chimneys can and will be shortened as part of the renovation.

  • Construction Financing

o Mike Lindseth and Darnell Boehm had a meeting the morning of Tuesday December 5th with the banker. There were a few issues with the loan documents so they are meeting again on Wednesday December 6th agree all open the issues and sign the loan documents.

  • City of Breckenridge Approval

o Darnell has been meeting with city planner, Bob Mosher
o He intends to go to the city the last week in December or 2nd week in January for approval. The date we go to the city depends on when the final drawings get finished.

  • Hot Tub

o Darnell Boehm met with tub vendor and got 2 bids, one for a smaller tub than we have now and one for a larger one. He is waiting for a bid for a tub that is the same size as our present one.
o He also asked them to find a cover and mechanical system to lift cover out of the way that is easy to use.
o We can order the tub in March and it will be delivered June 1st, which is the time Travis would be ready for it.
Water Heaters
o Fiona will look into getting more competitive bids for replacing the water heaters
o It was voted and approved that all old water heaters must be replaced either before or during the renovation. (6 owners have the old water heater presently).

  • New Windows and Doors

o Darnell is getting pricing for the optional windows/sliding door replacement and a letter to order new windows/sliding doors will be sent out soon. A decision is needed by February 15th and 100% of the money will be due on April 15th with the first assessment.
o Brick Red was decided as the color for the door and window frames. For those who choose not to replace their windows/patio doors, the existing fames will still be painted to match.
o The committee voted and agreed to not allow French doors instead of sliding doors.

  • Internet

o Internet is up and working reasonably well in the A building. The speed is 1/3 of what is advertised so we plan to have Quest come out and fix it.
o Building B has a very weak signal. If the signal does not improve once Quest comes out, may have to have a separate connection in each building.

  • Letters to owners

o Darnell will be sending 3 letters to all owners regarding:
1. Prices and order information for doors and windows
2. Hot water heaters
3. Cost for standard bathroom remodel. (The committee will only give information about the bathroom prices; they are not going to be in charge of coordinating it with Travis. That will be the responsibly of each owner)

**Reminder that the first assessment is due April 15th and all owners MUST pay in full. The project may be delayed if all the money has not been received**

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