Double Eagle Renovation Committee

Telephonic Committee Meeting

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Minutes of the previous meeting
Minutes of the next meeting

Posted for review by the Renovation Committee and to inform owners about the meeting.
Final approval of these minutes will be made at the next committee meeting.

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Participating in the meeting for the Renovation Committee:

  • Jerry Niegelsen, Chairman

  • Darnell Boehm, Fiona Halfen, Jessie Lindseth

Others who also participated:

  • Mike Lindseth

The meeting began at 6:05pm CST and ended at 6:55pm CST

Summary of topic discussed:

  • City Approval

    • We received 0 points from the city which is excellent!

    • Darnell overheard a city counsel member say "Why can't we get more condos that look like this.

  • Lockers

o They are finished and look great!
o Each owner is responsible for their own locks and are able to finish the inside as they wish.
o Lockers all have unit numbers on them.
o We plan to carpet the area but do not intend to paint it.
o The locker contractor wanted $600 more after the project was finished to cover materials. The committee decided that the initial contract was fair and decided not to pay him the additional $600.

  • Water heaters

o All the new ones have been installed and the old ones have been removed.
o The installer couldn't believe the old ones hadn't leaked yet.
o No water heaters have pan, they didn't fit in the closets.


  • Internet

o Internet has been set up in both buildings.
o The signal in the B building is not a strong as the A building but is slightly faster.
o If you are unable to connect to the internet the modem needs to be reset. Please call the following people to reset the modem, Do NOT call Qwest!
  • Darnell 970-453-1775
  • Mountain Managers 970-668-3174
  • Wrights (to reset A building, Condo A-23) 970-453-4089

  • Gas Meters

o We are moving both gas meters for the A and B building for safety reasons.
o There may be a cost between $10,000 and $15,000 to move the meters.
o Darnell is going to try to fight this charge since they are being moved for safety reason.
o The committee decided if we still have to pay to move the meters it will still be done because of the safety factor.

  • Landscaping

o Darnell got a quote to remove the retaining wall and replace with rock for $10, 400.
  • 2,000 to remove wall
  • 8,400 to replace with rocks
o Jerry's company will beat that quote and will perform the work

  • Hiring College kids

o We will be hiring college kids, Darnell's son being one of them, to help with the labor. This will save us on labor cost significantly.
o They will dig the trench under the B building, paint doors and windows that aren't being replaced, remove the hot tub structure, and remove retaining wall.
o They will be employed under Jerry's company.
  • They will have worker's compensation.
  • They will be considered subcontractors for Jerry.
  • They will be responsible for their own taxes.
o Travis has approved them being there and they will be covered under Travis's liability.
  • They will be required to wear hard hats, safety glasses, and follow Travis's safety program at all times.
o Darnell will pay them directly because he will be the one to monitor when they work.

  • Windows/Doors

o Darnell has talked to 9 out of 19 owners. He will be calling the remainder by February 15th
o Just a reminder that if you choose not to have your doors/windows replaced during the renovation you will be responsible on your own to replace them if need be after the renovation.
  • This will cost much, much more if you choose to do it later b/c the exterior rock/planks will also have to be fixed after the windows/doors are installed
  • The committee believes you will be saving money if you choose to do it now instead of waiting. And the entire renovation committee highly suggests replacing your doors and windows at this time.

  • Hot Tub

o We have received a final bid for a stainless steel tub.
o We will be saving the exiting filter but replacing everything else
o After researching tub covers, at this time, we have not found a better cover than what we have now. The tub is much larger than the standard tub and needs to be in 2 pieces.
o We are going to order the tub with out a cover and continue to research cover options.
  • By ordering the cover separately we can also avoid markup.

  • Moss Rock

o Travis has not found a rock that is ripped thin like we want but is still looking.

  • Trees

o Breckenridge highly suggested spaying for pine needles to save the trees.
o Darnell has called contractors to get bids, he is still waiting on final bids
o One contractor put us on the schedule for May, which is the best time to spray.
o It should last about 5 years.

  • Reimbursing Darnell

o Darnell has been using he own money for renovation expenses
o Jerry will approval all bills/reimbursements and Darnell will reimburse himself.

  • Phone

o During the construction project cancel your phones. There is no need to pay the phone bill when the phones are unused.
o Darnell will keep his phone line on so the superintendents can us it for faxes.
o The committee agreed to reimburse Darnell for the phone bill charges during the project.

  • Preparing for Construction

o A letter will be sent out mid-March detailing what needs to be done to prepare for construction.
o The committee discussed offering a service to prepare condos for construction
  • It was decided that owners are responsible for own preparation.
o The committee discussed offering a storage unit for owner's to store their valuables.
  • It was decided that owners are responsible to find their own storage.
  • If you would like to share a unit with another owner that has been coordinated on your own
o The lockers in the building could be used to store some things

  • Rent Units

o Travis is thinking about using an out of town subcontractor
o If anyone would like to rent out their unit for $1,000/month during the construction project to these construction workers please call Darnell.

The committee also has approved the minutes of the two previous meetings.

Jessie Lindseth
Renovation Committee Secretary

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