Double Eagle Renovation Committee

Telephonic Committee Meeting

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


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Participating in the meeting for the Renovation Committee:

  • Jerry Niegelsen, Chairman

  • Darnell Boehm, Fiona Halfen, Brian Skoog, Brian Thompson, Jessie Lindseth

Others who also participated:

  • Mike Lindseth

The meeting began at 6:05pm CST and ended at 6:45pm CST

Summary of topic discussed:

  • Travis Construction

    • Their bid process is very detailed and are planning on having the bids in by the end of March
    • The procedure is to have a minimum of 2 subcontractor bids for each area of work.
    • Travis will review all bids with Darnell
    • Travis may not always recommend the lowest bidder but will be sure to justify the reasons why.
    • Travis has found 2 samples of moss rock. Darnell and Fiona will meet with Travis to decide between the two.
  • Architects
    • Drawings for details for the footings and enclosure for the roof need to be submitted to Breckenridge for permits. The architect is working on these details
  • Insurance
    • Darnell and Mike found out that our insurance was inadequate.
    • We only have $3 million and it is recommended to have $300 per SF for replacement
    • We will increase our insurance to $5.8 million to insure we have enough insurance coverage.
  • Comcast
    • 6 months ago Comcast said they would pay 100% of the cost to get cable in every bedroom.
    • Darnell questioned what we would need to do to get this offer and they wanted all 19 owners to sign up for cable, internet, and phone services through them. We would not agree to that
    • Comcast did agree to pay for the trenching from the A and B building for the new cable, a control box on the B building, and the new cable. We will have to pay for the installation of the cable and the jack in each bedroom.
  • Hot Tub
    • Everything has been ordered but the cover
    • Since we have a commercial size tub we need to have depth tile markers and steps a different color. Darnell has chosen a grey tub with black tile
    • We are still researching hot tubs covers and will keep the one we have until we have a new solution.
      • We are looking into a 3 or 4 piece cover with a lifter.
      • The two covers we are looking more closely at are tapered or aluminum.
      • More information about the covers is needed before we can be sure they will be a better solution than our present one.
  • New Gas Service
    • Since the Excel gas service wasn't put in until the 90's we won't be required to put in a new service now.
    • We were hoping to enclose the B building electric meters. However, Excel won't allow us to enclose any electric meters.
    • We have to put gable roofs over the meters
  • Finishes
    • Fiona will decide on colors for the hardy planks and stain on the 2nd and 3rd exterior levels once the stone has been decided
    • We are planning on making the hallways brighter and not so boring.
    • Carpet and paint are being looked into
  • Leak in Ceiling of A23
    • Believe the leak may caused from the deck of A33, because there is no flashing, the patio door, or the siding.
    • Darnell told Travis to find the problem and temporary fix it.
    • Do not believe the roof is the cause of the leak
  • Payments
    • One unit hasn't paid for their water heater yet. If it is not collected we will be forced to take further action
    • The only way for this renovation to work is for everyone to pay on time. We have no choice but to take further action if an owner is late because there is no extra money in the budget. If you are having problems paying please let us know and we will help you with financing options.
  • Storage
    • Remember that the more you take out of your unit during the construction process the safer you are.
    • We will NOT be responsible for anything left in a unit
    • We will be going around to all units on Sunday April 22 and taking pictures of the conditions of each unit before turning them over to Travis.
    • Jessie called a few storage places in the Breckenridge area. The one that seemed to have the more available space was All Valley Storage. They have storage units located in Breckenridge, Frisco, and Silverthorne. The website is
      • 5x5 unit is $50/month with $25 deposit
      • 5x10: $83/month with $25 deposit
      • 10x15: $169 with $50 deposit
      • 10x20: $199 with $50 deposit

Jessie Lindseth
Renovation Committee Secretary

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