Double Eagle

Joint Board & Renovation Committee [RC] Meeting

Telephonic Committee Meeting

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Minutes of the previous meeting
Minutes of the next meeting

Posted for review by the Renovation Committee and to inform owners about the meeting.
Final approval of these minutes will be made at the next committee meeting.

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Participating in the meeting:

  • Mike Lindseth, Board President

  • Jerry Niegelsen, Chairman RC
  • Darnell Boehm, RC & Board
  • Fiona Halfen, RC
  • Brian Skoog, RC & Board
  • Jessoe Lindseth, RC

Summary of topic discussed:

  1. Travis Construction

    • Charlie Story left Travis. Pete will head up the project.
  2. Project Start
    • Despite late drawing from Robbie, Equanox Architecture, project should start on time. Shell Hudson, our structural engineer, finished drawings - saved the day.
  3. Cost of Project
    • Travis latest bids were reviewed. Recommendatsion were made for the upcoming owners meeting.
  4. Interim financing
    • Rather than increasing our construction loan by $200K, we will give owners an incentive to advance funds early on July 31, 2007.
  5. Insurance
    • Mike Lindseth reported we increased insurance on the building from $169 to $300 per sq. foot replacement cost.
    • Annual premiums wil increse from approximate $4600 to $6200.
    • Board approved new insurance
  6. Project Plans
    • After discussions regarding possible project reductions, both the Board and Renovation Committee unanimously recommended that the project go forth as planned.
    • This will be a recommendation at annual meeting of owners.

Darnell Boehm
Acting Secretary

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