Double Eagle

Joint Board & Renovation Committee Meeting

Telephonic Committee Meeting

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Provided by Mike Lindseth

Minutes of the previous meeting

Posted for review by the Renovation Committee and to inform owners about the meeting.
Final approval of these minutes will be made at the next committee meeting.

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Participating in the meeting were:
Mike Lindseth, Darnell Boehm, Jerry Niegelsen, Jon Shultz, Brian Thompson, Fiona Halfon, and Bruce Katz.

The meeting began at 7:00pm CST and ended at 8:00pm CST.

Discussion items:

Painting entrance doors-original bid included one side only-both sides would be about $400 more in total-Change approved.

Exterior door color recommendation-Fiona recommended "Pella Brick Red"-Approved

Metal deck railing supports were installed incorrectly in all of the concrete decks-contractor will need to correct which will probably result in some of the decks being redone again!

Request by some owners to paint/stain interior lockers-recommendation to use stain with the polyurethane included in the same coat---Approved

Bill from Pella for Windows came in as quoted, bill for owner option sliding glass doors came in $3700 higher than quote because Travis ordered custom size doors-Travis has agreed to credit the project back $3500 because we could have used trim to avoid the custom size-Thanks Darnell for working this issue through to a great outcome with Travis!

Darnell requested approval for reimbursement for the following items:
Use of electric service from Darnell' condo for the project (avoided paying $1000 for special service brought in)-cost is 3 months of $150/month---Approved
Replace wheelbarrow-Approved
Replace vacuum cleaner-Approve

Status of Project Costs

Cost overruns:
Material for Port Cochere is up $20k because of needing to use heavier timbers for both support and better appearance

Electric is up $5k to bring power to Port Cochere, hot tub and to bring stairway lighting back up to code

Costs under:
Gas line moves should be $6k less than budget
Permits are $3k less
Supervisor time is running $10-15k less
Digging trench and painting existing sliding glass doors $5k less
Have 3% contingency as buffer that we will probably not use all of

Overall Darnell feels that the project will be brought in on budget assuming we don't have any unforeseen issues.

Completed items

Trench(s) under B building
Existing windows and sliding glass doors-3 coats paint
Hot tub decking
2nd and 3rd floor siding on both buildings
Decks, stairways and railings
Chimneys are shortened and squared off
Cable for TV is pulled through the exterior-interior work yet to be done
Exterior doors in except for A-01 which will be installed when concrete work is done
Window well and deck structure around A-01 is done

In progress items

Rock siding is 80% complete on B building
Gas meters are moved and ready to be reinstalled by Gas Company
Port Cochere is being framed
Will now do landscaping work the 3rd week of August
Sprinkler system will need major overhaul
Trench for hot tub needs to be dug
Inside trim in units

Overall project is progressing on time and on budget-YEAH!!!!!!

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