Double Eagle

Joint Board & Renovation Committee Meeting

Telephonic Committee Meeting

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Provided by Mike Lindseth

Minutes of the previous meeting

Posted for review by the Renovation Committee and to inform owners about the meeting.
Final approval of these minutes will be made at the next committee meeting.

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Participating in the meeting were:
Mike Lindseth, Jessie Lindseth, Darnell Boehm, Jerry Niegelsen, Fiona Halfon, Bruce Katz, Brian Skoog, Brian Thompson

The meeting began at 7:00pm CST and ended at 8:20pm CST.

Discussion items:

Everyone liked the natural cedar color on the deck railings and the Porte Cochere. With the intense sun on most of the decks it would be very difficult to maintain with natural color stain without redoing it almost every year which no one was in favor of so we agreed to continue with the darker stain on the deck railings. But with most of the cedar in the Porte Cochere shaded by the roof, Darnell and Fiona felt that a natural cedar color stain would work and recommended that we use it on the Porte Corche.-Recommendation approved.


Best guess now is that project will complete on or around October 15, 2007. Any owners wanting to get access to their units before scheduled completion of November 1, 2007 for painting, etc. will need to contact Darnell Boehm for approval.

The other great news is that the project is coming in on budget and may come in a little below the $1.6million budget.


Entrances are done. The red accent on the entry way doors look great-another great color decision by Fiona!

Chimney flues are all cut back.

A01 stairs, deck and patio are all done.

100% of the rock is done

Porte Cochere is built and waiting for roof and stain which now will be a natural cedar color.

Landscape rock is done-thanks to Jerry Niegelsen and his crew-the hardest working crew we have had on the project and it looks great-way to pick out the best looking rock in Colorado!

Hot tub is in place with the new pumps installed. Electric and water service to the tub still need to be installed.

Ski lockers have all been stained on the outside and there is a can of stain in each of the 3 locker areas if owners want to finish staining the inside of their own individual locker.

In progress:

Roofers are now on site with the gutters and downspouts back on the B building.

Gas meters still need to be moved if we can ever get XCEL energy to MOVE!

Painters/strainers are 75% done.

Sprinkler system is starting to get repaired with controls and main lines in but all the heads will need to be replaced.

Low voltage power is in place for the Double Eagle sign on 4 O'clock road.

Yet to be started:

Water line and electric to Hot Tub.

Pour concrete curb to help keep water from draining under B building from parking lot.

Concrete pad for hot tub.

Railing doors on 4 decks and for hot tub.

New landing on B building fire escape.

Inside trim and carpet for entry ways.

Landing and stairs to hot tub.

Hand rails on external stairways on both sides due to code as a result we will loose about 6 inches of stairway width.

Board Meeting Items

Need a decision on hot tub signs to get them made and in place before hot tub can be used according to code. One of the signs needs to define hours of operation. Recommendation from Darnell, after researching best practices from other management companies in town was to go with "Hot tub will be closed from 10pm until 9am"-unanimously approved.

Other business was to consider change of management company. Subcommittee of board consisting of Darnell Boehm and Jerry Niegelsen sent out requests for proposal (defining our requirements including closing down the hot tub every night) to several management companies that they identified as the best ones in town for our small complex. Received responses back and after reviewing, met with the one that had sent back the best response and then check references. After that process, the committee recommended that we change management companies to Alpine Meadows.
After a discussion-- the proposal was unanimously approved and the board granted authority to Darnell to give 60 day termination notice to The Managers and to execute the agreements with Alpine Meadows to have them start on November 1, 2007.
Great work and thank you to Darnell and Jerry.

One of the conditions of the new management arrangement will be a joint meeting of the board and management company on a quarterly time schedule to go over any performance issues with the management company. This will hopefully help to maintain a great consistent service! We will get a copy of Alpine Meadow's responsibilities to all the owners at our next homeowners'meeting. We hope that after Alpine Meadows is up and running, if you feel they are not performing all the agreed tasks then contact a board member so we can get it corrected.

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