Double Eagle Renovation Committee

Telephonic Committee Meeting

Tuesday, January 3, 2007


Minutes of the previous meeting
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Posted for review by the Renovation Committee and to inform owners about the meeting.
Final approval of these minutes will be made at the next committee meeting.

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Participating in the meeting for the Renovation Committee:

  • Jerry Niegelsen, Chairman

  • Darnell Boehm, Brian Skoog, Jessie Lindseth

Others who also participated:

  • Debbie Katz

The meeting began at 6:15pm CST and ended at 6:30pm CST

Summary of topic discussed:

  • Fiona's father had a heart attack was undergoing surgery on Wednesday morning. Darnell had not heard how it went.

  • December Cash Position
    • We have $35,000 in the bank at this time with an open commitment of $43,000.
    • Will receive $21,000 early and hoping then we won't have to go into the bank line until June or July
  • Lockers
    • The contract is executed for the locker
    • We will charge a 1% plenty per day after January if the lockers aren't finished
    • Half of the deposit has been given for the lockers
    • **There was stuff left in all 3 closets. Darnell has put anything left in the lockers in the attics of the respected building**

  • City Approval

    • The architect finished the exterior drawings and they have been submitted to the City of Breckenridge.
    • Breckenridge should give approval by Tuesday January 16th. Darnell will attend the meeting to find out if we received 0 or -3 pt.

  • According to Darnell's calculation we have 77% natural material on the building. If we have over 25% manmade material on the exterior of the building we will get -3pts. To negate these points we will have to plant some trees. We are hoping to get 0 points.

    • The exterior of the building will remain 1st floor stone, 2nd cedar, and 3rd hardy plank. However, the internal stairways were changed to 100% hardy planks (The hardy planks will be more durable in the stairways).

  • Travis Construction

    • Darnell is meeting with Charlie from Travis tomorrow to see if he needs anything else to start the bidding process.
    • The contract is complete and construction is planned to start April 23rd

  • Hot Tub

    • A metal cover with insulation and mechanical lifter was found at It looks nice and will be durable and lightweight
    • Darnell will ask Shannon, hot tub contractor, to bid it and see how much it would cost us.
    • Planning to get a rectangular one instead of the shape of the hot tub since it will be cheaper to order a standard size.

  • Water Heaters

    • Darnell got a bid from the locker contractor's plumber. The bid of $1130/water heater was for a Bradford 80 gallon water heater, which is the brand installed currently.
    • Darnell will follow up with Fiona to see if she got any competitive bids and will get the process started for replacing the water heaters in the next few weeks

  • Windows and Doors

    • Letter was sent out to all the owners and a response is needed by February 15th
    • Darnell has talked to about half the owners at this point. He will contact owners he hasn't heard from so no one slips between the cracks.

  • Internet

    • Internet is working well in the A building but we only get 40% of the speed Quest promised. This is a Quest problem and if they can't boost the speed they will charge us $20/month instead of $50.
    • The signal is not good in the B building. Pam and Randy Rothe have volunteered to put a terminal in their unit for the B building.
    • We will be canceling the internet service during construction so we don't have to pay for it when it is unused.

Prepared by

Jessie Lindseth
Renovation Committee Secretary

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