Annual Owners Meeting

Saturday, April 21, 2007

by Darnell Boehm


APRIL 21, 2007

1. Call to Order. The meeting was called to order at 10:12 a.m. by President Mike Lindseth.

2. Affirmation of Attendance and Quorum.

A quorum requires 10 units to be represented either in person or by proxy. 18 owners were represented including 5 by proxy

  A quorum was established.

Representing Mountain Managers was Eric Gill.

(A revised agenda was distributed by the Board while the quorum was being established.)

3. Minutes of the 7/22/06 Annual Meeting and the 10/14/06 Special HOA Meeting.

A motion was made by Darnell and seconded by Fiona to approve the 7/22/06 minutes. A motion was made by Jerry and seconded by Bruce to approve the 10/14//06 minutes. Both motions passed and the minutes were approved as written.

4. President's Report.

Mike Lindseth thanked all owners for attending - great turnout for this meeting.

Mike talked about the Association's goals for 2006-07 and noted that the goals set at the July, 2006 meeting was met. These included:

Gaining unanimous agreement from owners to move forward with the renovation.

Leak free roof - Mike explained that the new roof installed last year was not complete. Work was postponed due to renovation plans so work would not be duplicated. One small leak occurred that was fixed by the contractor. Everyone was happy with the result.

Thanks were extended to Brian Thompson and Brian Skoog who helped with the roof renovation project.

  Install a good working hot tub which is now on order.

Goals for 2007-08 include:

  Finish the renovation project on time and on budget.

Keep all owners informed and involved in what's going on every step of the way. The teleconference meetings have worked very well and they will be continued. All information is available on Double Eagle's website and Fred May was thanked for all his work on the web site and keeping the information updated.

Financial Report was reviewed by Darnell. He explained that there are essentially 2 sets of accounts: the operational and reserve accounts that are maintained by Mountain Managers and the operational and savings accounts for the renovation. There are 4 bank accounts: checking and savings for Mountain Managers and checking and savings for the renovation project.

Darnell distributed several handouts and explained how the renovation is progressing and where the Association stands on the financing of the project. All owners are current on the assessments currently due.

Darnell went through the operational funds and explained that the Association is under budget on the day-to-day operations.

All financial information will be put on the website that Fred May maintains for Double Eagle. Owners who were unable to attend this meeting are encouraged to look at all the data available on the website.

5. Renovation Committee Report

Jerry and Fiona presented the Renovation Committee report. Darnell was thanked for all his time and effort on the renovation. All in attendance applauded his efforts and expressed their appreciation.

Jerry gave a status report on the renovation project and Fiona presented the color choices for the cedar siding, Hardy board, decks and deck railings as well as passed around samples of the rock and the synthetic decking material that will be used.

It was noted that beginning on Monday, a 6 foot fence will be erected around the building. Owners need to remove all items from their walls and put everything in the center of the bedrooms and living room. Owners are reminded that they (or their personal insurance) are ultimately responsible for any lost or missing items. Owners are encouraged to lock up or remove any valuables. Doors will be locked but the contractor will have master keys and will need to access all units to do windows, doors, decks, etc. Owners can use the owner ski lockers for smaller items. After the fence is erected on Monday, Travis Construction will not allow entry to non-construction personnel, including owners. It was noted that for owners who want to view the progress, a walk-through day will be scheduled around the 4th of July. Darnell will be on site as much as possible to keep an eye on things and be the owners representative to the general contractor. Any owner who finds they must get on to the site must go through Darnell for approval and to set up an appointment. Hardhats will be required at all times if a visit to the site is permitted.

Darnell spoke about the very difficult planning and approval process that we had to go through including having to change architects four different times-A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. It has been a long, tedious process but we got through it and the planning committed of the town council was very complimentary of our final plans! As of a day ago the Town has signed off on all permits and has given the go-ahead to proceed!

Darnell also discussed the water problem under the B building caused by ground water and how this issue would be solved.

The cost of the renovation project was discussed and Darnell handed out information showing where the project estimate was in July 2006, and where the estimate stand now providing a detailed explanation of all the differences. Darnell then went through the current $1.6 million estimated budget line by line.

Jerry made a motion to reimburse Darnell for fuel used in commuting from Monument to Summit County. Darnell has made the trip many times and will continue to do so throughout the renovation process. Fiona seconded the motion - motion passed. Darnell graciously noted that this was not necessary but thanked everyone for doing it.

6. Old Business - none discussed

7. New Business.

Jerry spoke about the wireless connection that currently exists at Double Eagle. Internet service will be down from 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. while it re-boots every day.

All cable jacks will be re-wired because new cable is being run at the complex. ComCast will be paying for this work.

Owners who want the cable outlet installed in a certain spot (i.e. another bedroom) should leave a note in their unit and let Darnell know exactly where they want the outlet located so this can be done during the renovation. Remember that the outlets will need to be installed on outside walls only.

The hot tub renovation and related issues were discussed at length. Brian talked about the project and explained what it would look like when done. The plans include a stainless steel hot tub, new boiler system, and a 6 foot high fence. Access will be by a code that is punched in by authorized users.

Everyone thanked Brian for all his work on the hot tub project. Brian, in turn, expressed his thanks to Darnell for his continuing work on the renovation and the hot tub work that he did.

8. Meeting Schedule:

September 29, 2007 - 10:00 a.m. This will be a tele-conference meeting. Everyone will need to call in on the conference call number. Information will be provided when the meeting notices go out. At this meeting, final renovation project numbers will be presented along with the final assessment amounts which will be due at the end of October, 2007.

July 20, 2008 - 10:00 a.m. - Mike's unit. This will be the next regularly scheduled Annual Meeting. If the weather is nice, the Board would like to have a pot luck picnic following the meeting.

Mike took this opportunity to explain that Fred May is doing a tremendous amount of work on the Double Eagle website. Fred is no longer an owner at Double Eagle but continues to work on the website. The Board expressed their thanks for his continuing efforts. A motion was made and approved to have Mike buy a gift certificate for Fred and his wife to go out for a nice dinner as a "thank you" for all his hard work even though he is no longer an owner at the complex.

9. Executive Session. At this time Eric Gill with Mountain Managers was excused so that the Board could meet in executive session to discuss the management company's performance. It was agreed that the performance has not been satisfactory and the board should take steps to get the Managers to improve and also look at alternatives.

10. Election of Officers. All positions were open for one-year terms. Mike Lindseth, Darnell Boehm, and Brian Skoog all agreed to run again. In addition, 3 owners were nominated: Bruce Katz, Bill Wright, and Tom Cummings. A motion was made and seconded to accept these 6 people as board members. Motion passed. Current Board members are:

    Mike Lindseth President
    Brian Skoog Vice President
    Darnell Boehm Secretary/Treasurer
    Bruce Katz Member at Large
    Bill Wright Member at Large
    Tom Cummings Member at Large

The Renovation Committee will be comprised of Jerry Niegelsen (Chair), Darnell Boehm, Brian Skoog, Jessie Lindseth, Fiona Halfon, Jon Schutz, Brian Thompson

The Architectural Committee will be comprised of David Hokanson (Chair), Debbie Katz, and Trish Cummings.

Guidelines for the Architectural Committee will be established and added to the Rules and Regulations. Trish volunteered to help with this.

The Architectural Committee plans to meet twice per year to review owner requests for any modifications. The committee will review requests and submit requested changes to the Board for a final decision.

11. Adjournment.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:40 p.m.



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