Sketches provided by Brian Skoog as an alternative to the roof design reviewed
at the annual meeting on July 22, 2006. Click here to see that roof design:

This page was updated 8/30/06 with a sample of the approved roof color:

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Note from Brian:

Hi, all: The following are preliminary sketches of how the standing seam roof option would look.
We had the architect provide two different colors. There are other colors available.

Waiting for bid numbers from two roofing companies.
The savings may be substantial while still obtaining a very long term, leak free roof system.

Following a phone meeting on 8/4/06 Emerald Green, one of the colors previously posted, was dropped. Mention was made of a Mocha color. A scan of the color sample is now posted below.

View from the entrance from Four O'Clock Road.

The siding materials would be the same in either roof design.

Roof color we have ordered as approved by Breckenridge.


Roof Color in drawing: River Rock

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