Evangelische Kirche
Kleinich, Hunsrück, Germany
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Evangelist church in the municipality of Kleinich

The church in Kleinich, a landmark of the Bernkastel Wittlich district, towers above the villages Thalkleinich and Irmenach-Beuren. Nine villages in the Kleinich area are pearls of the picturesque Hunsrück region.

In the year 1318 the parish church is known to have been under the archbishop of Trier. Beginning in the 12th, Century, Kleinich was in the possession of the counts von Sponheim. They controlled the high court and introduced the Protestant religion in 1557. In the year 1788 the old church was razed and silver Roman coins with the names Merkur, Rosmerta and Romanus, were found. It is thought that a heathen temple was once located on the site.

The bell tower, which dates from Frankish time, was preserved when the new church was built. The restored grave boards of two ministers of the Streccius family are in the crypt of the tower. [They served in Kleinich for 78 years, from 1696 to 1774] The present church was built in 1789 in the form of a Greek cross. A special feature is the organ dating from 1809, and reconditioned in 1986. Also the small chapels in nearby Oberkleinich and Fronhofen are of historic interest.

Translated from a brief history posted in German on the internet

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