Lahm/Lamb Family
from Kleinich, Hunsrück, Germany
and nearby villages
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Attached are reports of German ancestors of Clara Edith Lamb [Mrs. Curtis R. Slone] in her Lahm family line. Mrs. Slone was the daughter of Jesse Carl Lamb, and grandmother of my wife, Darlene Fleming. She lived in Prestonsburg, KY during three different periods from the 1930s, and died there on 5 Jan 1977, at the age of eighty-eight.

Mrs. Slone's gr-gr-great grandfather, Johann Konradt (Conrad) Lahm, emigrated from his home village of Kleinich and arrived in Philadelphia from Rotterdam on the ship Europa on 20 Nov 1741. There he signed his name on an Oaths of Allegiance to the British Crown and the Province of Pennsylvania. Two months earlier his first cousins, Nicklaus and Catherina, had entered the same port. Emigration records in Germany say that Konradt, a tailor, received a permit from the Trarbach Govt. on 26 Apr 1741 to go to Pennsylvania, on condition that he either return within two years or pay manumission fees.

Other German immigrants aboard the small sailing ship with Konradt include the ancestors of President Dwight D. Eisenhauer. The signature of Johann Konradt Lahm, written when he exited the Europa, has been preserved in the Philadelphia records.

Records of the Lahm family are taken from a translation of the church records from Kleinich, by Peter Schossler that was published in Koln, Germany in 1996:
Familienbuch des Kirchspiels Kleinich/Hunsruck: 1593-1798

From this book, the first "provable" ancestor of the family has been extended three gererations earlier than found in previous research; from Johann Burckhard Lahm (1657-1697) to Nicholas Lahm, the father of Hans Lahm. The church records do not give the birth dates of either Hans or his father, so the 1567 birth date of Hans from the earlier research is used.

Attached reports:
First five generations of ancestors of Johann Konradt (Conrad) Lahm.
The sixth and seventh generations of his ancestors

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