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Daniel May (1791-aft.1839)
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Tress May Francis only had one paragraph on Daniel in her history of the May family. Since we don't know if Daniel has any descendants, it will require the special interest of descendants of his siblings to research information on his life. It is quite likely he moved west, like many of his relatives, but there is no known evidence pointing to his whereabouts after his marriage in 1824.

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Family of Daniel May

1 Daniel MAY b: Abt. 1791 Washington Co., NC in the Watauga River Valley [now in Tennessee] He was last known to be living in 1839 .
.. +Margaret (Peggy) ALLEN b: Abt. 1800 m: 8 Dec 1824 Floyd Co., KY

The Allen Family
Margaret (Peggy) Allen was the daughter of Samuel and Sarah Prater Allen, who married in 1783. His family lived in Halifax and Henry Counties, VA and a number of their seven children moved to Beaver Creek in Floyd County, KY. In fact, three of Peggy's siblings - George, Elizabeth and Samuel Allen - married siblings of Dorcas Patton, the wife of Thomas May (1787-1867) and daughter of James and Florence Graham Patton. Also, Peggy's niece, Sarah (Sally) Allen, married her brother-in-law, Reuben May.

The following list of descendants of Samuel Allen should help clarify the early marriage relationships between the Allen family and the Patton and May families.
Descendants of Samuel Allen
1 Samuel ALLEN b: 1730
.. +Sarah PRATER m: 17 Sep 1783

2 William ALLEN b: 1783
..... +Katherine GEARHART m: 19 Jun 1808

2 George ALLEN b: 1784
..... +Cynthia PATTON b: 1785 Virginia m: 1806
... 3 Sarah ALLEN b: Dec 1810 Floyd Co., KY d: 26 Nov 1876 Beaver Cr., Floyd Co., KY age at d: 65
........ +Reuben MAY b: 12 Oct 1800 Shelby Cr., Pike Co., KY m: 27 Nov 1825 Beaver Cr., Floyd Co., KY d: 20 Sep 1840 Maytown, Beaver Cr., Floyd Co., KY age at d: 39

2 Samuel ALLEN, Jr. b: Aft. 1784
..... +Jeany (Janie) PATTON b: Abt. 1796 Virginia m: 28 Dec 1815

2 Elizabeth ALLEN b: 1794
..... +Samuel PATTON b: 1787 Virginia m: 12 Apr 1810 Floyd Co., Ky.

2 John ALLEN b: Aft. 1794

2 (Dau.) ALLEN b: Bef. 1800

2 Margaret (Peggy) ALLEN b: Abt. 1800
..... +Daniel MAY b: Abt. 1791 Washington Co., NC in the Watauga River Valley [now in Tennessee] m: 8 Dec 1824 Floyd Co., KY d: He was last known to be living in 1839

Daniel's Short Story
In "The Shoemaker's Children" I documented what little information I had about Daniel May, the fourth son of John and Sarah May. Daniel was born about 1791, when the family was living on the Watauga River in what was then Western North Carolina. By the time the family moved to Kentucky in 1800, the boundaries of the state and county where they lived had changed. Since Daniel was born before 1796, the year Tennessee gained statehood, he could claim Washington County, North Carolina as his place of birth. His sister, Mary, who was born in the same home about 1797, could claim she was born in Carter County, Tennessee.

From the early court records of Floyd County, Daniel apparently spent some time in Prestonsburg. For example, he was given a few assignments, such as reporting on the progress of the construction of the second courthouse, by County officials. It is reasonable to assume that when he was in town he stayed with the family of his brother, Samuel.

After his father died in 1813, Daniel - though he wasn't the oldest son living in the region - was named administrator of the family's estate. [Floyd Co., Court Book 2: March 28, 1815 Session] In the 1820 U.S. census, he and Reuben were likely the young men aged between 16 & 26 in the household of their brother, Thomas. In 1824, Daniel married Peggy Allen and they quite likely left Eastern Kentucky soon afterward. He isn't listed in the 1830 census for either Floyd or Pike County and there are no records of him ever purchasing any property in either of these counties - though all of his brothers had purchased property before 1830.

We know from Daniel's name on an indenture in Pike County for the transfer of property to "the only brothers and sisters of Tilpolard May, deceased," that he was living as late as 1839. Unfortunately, the document doesn't identify where he resided at the time. [Pike County Deed Book B:75]

My initial information on the Allen family came from the work of Tress May Francis. Another useful source has been Dr. David V. Agricola of Lakewood, OH, a Patton family genealogist.

*** I would appreciate getting more documented information on the Allen family to clear up some questionable dates I have for Samuel and to learn more of his ancestry.

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