Ninth May Generation
Biographical Sketches

 Samuel May

son of John May, Jr
& Mary Catherine Hanson

Index of grandchildren of John & Sarah Phillips May

Research notes:
Earlier accounts by genealogist Mrs. Howard Woodruff say that Samuel died in Floyd County before 1830. However other research indicates that Samuel - and his sister, Elizabeth - stayed in Floyd County when his father moved the family to Illinois. Named as Samuel May, Jr. in some1830 deeds, he purchased tracts of land totaling about 394 acres - all of the property known to have been owned by his father - for a total price of $500. A Samuel May, thought to be this man, is known to have died in Floyd County before 1835 - leaving a wife and daughter, Emeline - as noted in an ACT of the Kentucky Senate approved 16 Feb 1835. A subsequent amendment was approved 22 Feb 1837. His estate was described as "not being sufficient to pay his debts, and the real estate is unproductive, consisting of a mill and land, only valuable for the timber, and the same is greatly out of repair . . . "During the years of these actions, his uncle, Samuel May, was serving as a State Senator.

Floyd County Deed C:327 gives the name of his wife as Elizabeth.



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