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 Andrew Jackson May

son of Samuel May
& Catherine Evans

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Col. Andrew Jackson (Jack) May is one of the most celebrated grandchildren of John and Sarah Phillips May. Local historians have documented his life is some detail including Henry P. Scalf, Johns Wells, III, John David Preston and Dr. Robert Perry.

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Research notes:
** From Tress May Francis' account of Andrew Jackson May, who served in the Civil War **

  "In August, and September 1861, he organized a company for services in [the] Confederated States Army, was elected Captain of the Company, and with it mustered into service in October 1861. The Company bec[ame] Co. A 10th Kentucky Infantry. In February 1862, was appointed Lieutenant Colonel. When the Army was re-organized in 1862, he was elected Colonel of the same regiment with which he served until term of service of the men expired. In the winter of 1862-1863, he organized the 10th Kentucky Cavalry - 10 companies, five Virginians and five Kentuckians, and of this regiment, he was Colonel until August 1864, when he was forced to resign on account of sickness.

Colonel May's splendid record as a soldier and officer of the forces of the Confederacy deserves a place in history alongside that of the best in service. He developed into greater renown as an officer in the Confederate forces than any other native of the Big Sandy Valley. His first battle was at West Liberty, Ky. The Battle of Ivel, Ky., with 265 men engaged, lasted an hour and seven men killed. After the war, Colonel May removed to Russell County, Va., later going to the town of Tazewell, where he took his place as one of the foremost lawyers practicing at the Tazewell bar. He continued in the legal profession until a short time before his death, was counted alongside the most loyal and honored citizens of the county and was held in high esteem in the community. Perhaps, his kindness to the needy and his liberality in all charitable deeds were among his most outstanding traits among the people.

He passed away May 3 1903, and is buried at Tazewell, Va. The memory of his deeds and kindless will be cherished more and more as the years go by. No man or woman, whether before a court of justice or pinched by hunger, or pressed by sickness or misfortune, ever sought Colonel May's friendship or help in vain. He was a man of rugged unswerving integrity and courage that was never daunted, sublime even the the hour of death."

His will was probated May 1903 [Will Book 8, Tazewell, Co., VA]- devising "his property to wife, N.B.D. May."


In 1998 Dr. Robert Perry, of Prestonsburg Community College wrote a well-researched book on Col. May entitled "Jack May's War."

In 2001 Dicksie Knight May, wife of James Mitchell May, a great grandson of Col. May, shared records from her thirty years of personal research on the May family. She also credited the research of Lucy Henry Spotts May, Helen May Dalton, Audrey Lee Wagner Woodruff, JoAnn Whitson Cuddy, and Tress May Francis - all descendants of John and Sarah Phillips May.

Subsequent research revealed that Jack and his wife resided in Clay County, KY in 1856, when their first child was born. His wife apparently returned to her home in Floyd County for the birth. Her father had died seventeen months earlier, but her mother still lived in Prestonsburg.



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