Seven Generations of the May/Meÿ Family
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We are fortunate to have records of our May/Meÿ family from the Rheinland Palatinate, extending six generations prior to the immigration of our branch of the family to America in 1748. The story of how the connection of the John May (1760-1813) family to these ancestors was discovered is told in an essay written in 1996.

Hans Peter Meÿ
b. abt. 1540  
m. Christina
(Stone mason)
Conradt Meÿ
b. 6 Sep 1567
d.10 Dec 1614
m. Maria
Schuhmacher Heinrich Meÿ
b. 4 Nov 1602
d. 7 Jan 1671
m. Appolonia
Ten children
Johannes Meÿ
b. 24 Dec 1638
d. 25 Jan 1720
 m. Margaretha Lauers
7 Mar 1665
and Richter
Ten children; Six (or seven) immigrated to America
Johann Nickel Meÿ
b. 29 May 1673
d. 21 Feb 1743
2nd wife
m. Maria Catharina Graeff
14 Feb 1708
Immigrated to America
Two children
Frantz Peter Meÿ
b. 18 May 1724
d. after 1784
m. Anna Maria
abt. 1752
Born in Lancaster, PA Two Children
John (Johannes) May
b. 6 Jan 1760
d. 25 Jan 1813
m. Sarah Jane Phillips
March 1780

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The children and grandchildren of John and Sarah May constitute the eighth and ninth generations of this line of the May family.

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