Index of Family Group Sheets
naming known members of the seventh, eighth, and ninth generations
of the May family that are descended from
Johann Leonhardt Meÿ and Anna Christina Schuch

The May brothers and sisters who immigrated to America with their mother in 1748 were members of the sixth generation of the Meÿ family, as identified in The Shoemaker's Children. The descendants of Johann Leonhardt (Leonard) and Frantz (Francis) Peter Meÿ (May) have carried the May name into the Twenty-first Century in America. Leonard's first wife, Maria Barbara Lorentz, apparently died in his hometown of Niederhausen about March 1747, following the birth of their second child.

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Family of Johann Leonhardt Meÿ and his first wife,
Maria Barbara Lorentz in Niederhausen



Lancaster County residence at time of birth

Anna Maria
Frantz Peter
Johann Daniel
Johann George

21 Jan 1750
Abt. 1750-51
13 Mar 1752
18 Jul 1753
27 Sep 1756
Abt. 1758
1 Oct 1758
Abt. 1766

Donegal Township
Donegal Township
Donegal Township
Conestoga Township


Eight children of Leonard May and his second wife,
Anna Christina Schuch
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