Welcome to a series of essays
on John May (1760-1813) plus
his ancestors and descendants

Fred T. May

Rheinland Palatinate
Callbach & Meisenheim
Niederhausen an der Nahe
The Immigrants
John May in America
Lancaster County, PA
Berkeley County, VA
Washington County, NC/TN
Floyd County, KY
 First Generation in America
John May (Jr.)
Samuel May
Thomas May
Elizabeth May
Daniel May
Mary May
Reuben May
Phillip Pollard May
 Family Group Sheets

Though these essays are directed primarily at the ancestors and descendants of John May, the four essays on the family in the Rheinland Palatinate and the two on their lives in Lancaster and Berkeley Counties should be of interest to the descendants of John's uncles and aunts who immigrated to America. The only uncle who has descendants known to be living in America is Johann Leonhardt Meÿ (Leonard May). Limited information on the families of John's aunts in America has recently been found. Anyone with knowledge of these lines of the May family are requested to contact Fred T. May.

Shoemaker's sign

The Shoemaker's Children 1567-1813
Abstract & Order Form

Additional information on the descendants of John May is being compiled from a variety of sources and will be published at a later date.

If you would like to learn more of any of these lines or would like to contribute information, please contact
Fred T. May.

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