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1932 May Family Reunion

The most interesting artifact we have of the May family reunion of 1932 is a typed list of all 310 attendees. This large gathering met on Sunday, August 29th at the county home of Mrs. Florence May Hereford at the mouth of Abbott Creek near Prestonsburg, Kentucky. She was a daughter of Samuel May (1820-1904) and the widow of James H. Hereford (1841-1898). Her home was located near the home of her nephew,William Greenwade, at Cliff, Ky., where the reunion had been held the previous year.

From the minutes prepared by the secretary, Florence's son George P. Hereford, we get an idea of the festivities of the day:

The folks began to gather in early in the morning. It was a nice day. We had over three hundred register. The tables were spread out in the orchard. Thanks for our Devine Blessing was voiced by David May. All enjoyed the bountiful repast.

The meeting was called to order by W. B. Robinson, the president. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. Then the following officers were elected for the coming year: W. B. Robinson, president; Geo. P. Hereford, secretary.

Very able talks were made by the Hon. A. J. May, Judge Patrick, H. F. Patton and David May. There being no further business, we adjourned.


  • Hon. A. J. May (1875-1959) was a son of John May (1832-1926) and a grandson of Reuben May (1800-1840). He served in the U.S. Congress from March 1931 to January 1947.
  • Judge Patrick was a local judge and friend of the May family in Prestonsburg.
  • H. F. Patton was a local business man and friend of the May family.
  • Rev. David May (1847-1943) was a son of Samuel May (1820-1904) and a grandson of Thomas May (1787-1867).

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