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1935 May Family Reunion
See facsimiles of the Times article and the meeting minutes

We have copies of two accounts of the an annual meeting of the May Family held on Sunday, August 25, 1935 at the home of Bascom May of Prestonsburg. At the time of the gathering the local paper, The Floyd County Times, reported that "the register showed 260 present." The article tells of the origin of these annual reunions, which date back to the first of the series in 1929 at the home of Dr. W. B. Robinson of Mt. Sterling, Ky.

Only brief minutes were written by the secretary, George P. Hereford. He noted that about 178 members were present, but the newspaper article tells us many more attended and a variety speakers addressed the large gathering.

On Sunday Aug the 25th 1935 the Sixth Reunion of the May family was held at Bascom May's in Prestonsburg, Ky. The day was fine and everyone enjoyed the (??). After the prayer by David May a fine dinner was served, as only the May women know how. Later a business meeting was called and the present officers were elected for the next year: Dr. Bill Robinson, pres.; Ida May Shropshire, vice pres.; G. P. Hereford, sec.

After several addresses by Mays present, the meeting adjourned to meet at Dixie may polly, Winchester, Ky., August 23rd 1936

G. P. Hereford, Sec.

From the Times article we see that the festivities of the day followed a familiar agenda that had been established over the ensuing years: family members and guests arriving early in the morning with baskets of food to be spread on a large table in the yard for the noon meal; a solemn prayer offered by Rev. David May of Nicholasville, Ky.; appetites fully sated from the fine country cooking, "as only the May women know how"; a brief business meeting, reelecting Dr. Robinson as president and selecting other officers; interesting talks by family members and local dignitaries; scheduling of the next year's meeting; and final farewells in the late afternoon.

The speakers for the day were Rev. David May, Frank May, William May, H.F. Patton, Tom H. Lauhon, Rev. Issac Stratton and R. A. Burke. The 1936 annual reunion was scheduled to be held at the home of Dixie May Polley, Winchester, Ky, a daughter of William May of Pike County.


  • Rev. David May (1847-1943) was a son of Samuel May (1820-1904) and a grandson of Thomas May (1787-1867). Frank May (1869-1949) was David's oldest son and Ida May Shropshire (b.1894), vice president of the group, was his daughter.
  • William May probably was William Reuben May (1860-1951) of Pike County. He was the father of Dixie May Polley (b. 1896), the hostess for the 1936 reunion.
  • H. F. Patton was a local Prestonsburg business man and friend of the May family.
  • Tom H. Lauhon (b. 1889) was a business man from Catlettsburg, Ky. who was the widower of Southie May (1892-1925), my aunt. [Fred T. May]
  • Rev. Isaac Stratton was a highly respected minister of the Free Will Baptist Church in Floyd Co. and a resident of Banner, Ky.
  • R. A. Burke was probably an in-law of the May family in Floyd Co.
  • The host, Bascom May (1867-1958), the youngest son of Samuel May (1820-1904), was born on the May farm and owned and operated a dairy on May's Branch for many years.

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