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1936 May Family Reunion
See facsimile of the meeting minutes

Carrie V. Robinson acted as the secretary of the May reunion for 1936. She wrote minutes of the meeting held on August 23rd at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Elster Polly (Polley) near Winchester, Ky. in honor of William Reuben May (1860-1951), father of Mrs. Dixie May Polley. The minutes tell us:

They opened their lovely home to a host of Mays who came from different sections of Ky. and adjoining states. This was one of the largest and most successful reunions since its organization in 1929. The morning was spent in greeting relatives and friends at noon. After the blessing was said by David May, a bountiful plate lunch was served to the 200 members present.

In the p.m. a business (meeting) was held with the president W. B. Robinson; Frank May, vice pres.; Carrie Robinson, sec. David May one our oldest members made a splendid talk. He was followed by Mr. Jim Hatcher, Pikeville, Frank May, Wilmore, Tom Robinson, Medina, Ohio and others. The meeting adjourned with thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Polly for an ideal day.

Respectfully submitted

Carrie V. Robinson, Sec.


  • William Reuben May (1860-1951) of Pike County was the son of Thomas Patton May (1816-1910) and grandson of Thomas May (1787-1867).
  • Rev. David May (1847-1943) was a son of Samuel May (1820-1904) and a grandson of Thomas May (1787-1867). Frank May (1869-1949) was David's oldest son.
  • James W. Hatcher, was the husband of Emma S. May (b.1880), a daughter of Thomas J. May (1855-1886) and a grandaughter of Samuel May (1820-1904).
  • Tom Robinson (b. 1879) was a brother of the president, W. B. Robinson. These men were sons of Dorcas May (1845-1929) and grandsons of Samuel May (1820-1904).

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