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1937 May Family Reunion
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David L. May's
70th Wedding Anniversary - 1937

The 1937 May reunion was held on August 27th at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. May at their home near Sharpsburg, Ky. The minutes for the gathering were written by Mrs. Anna May Greenwade Taylor. In contrast to the styles of previous secretaries, she demonstrates a definite poetic flair - and some poetic license - in her wording of the minutes of this annual family meeting. The introductory paragraphs - written in 1938 - include a thoughtful reminder of earlier reunions. Apparently Anna did not complete writing the minutes we have of the 1937 meeting until she had to read them for approval at the 1938 reunion. She left us the following record:

One of our most enjoyable meetings was held on August 27th 1937 in a beautiful grove on Sharpsburg Road with Mr. & Mrs. Daniel May host & hostess. This beautiful grove was an ideal setting for such an occasion. Sweet living high among the white ... lofty trees high among the warmth of sun peeping above from blue sky & faint odor of mint have combined to make this a place to be remembered for a long time.

The girls assembled on this morning laden with baskets filled with delicious things to eat that only the descendants of Samuel & Mary May who were farmers when (they) came to this country from Virginia & settled in Beautiful Valley of Big Sandy surrounded by lofty mountains and blue rippling water & singing birds. If they could look in on this assembly today I'm sure they would feel proud of their descendants for there has never been anything to cause them to blush in shame. This is something we all should be proud of. The oldest of these descendants is Mr. & Mrs. David May of Nichloasville who are in their 90th & have never failed to attend the gatherings from yr. to yr.

After the guests had all arrived at noon hr. on long tables in this beautiful grove was spread a delightful menu. Before partaking of the meal Rev. David May the oldest member present in touching words gave thanks & invoked the Devine Blessing on the assembly. At the conclusion of the meal a telegram was read from Congressman A. J. May who could not be present & sent the Blessing of our Heavenly Father to all.

Dr. W. B. Robinson the president presided. He being the first & only president of the organiation having been elected from time to time to this office. The minutes of previous meeting was read & adopted.

Then the president in his gracious manner called on several present for short talks. The first being from Rev. David May in which he thanked the Father on high for the many blessings he had received & said he was having a good time in this world but was ready to go when the Lord should call him. This talk was followed with talk from his son, Frank May who is vice president. Several other short talks followed. At the conclusion the following officers was elected:

President Mr. W. B. Robinson
Vice president Mr. Frank May
Sec. Mrs Anna G. Taylor

P.S. One of the outstanding items is that we have always had a beautiful sunshine day for this occasion & all have had a lovely time.

Resp. submitted: Anna G. Taylor, Secretary

May ever road you travel throughout the coming year lead to but one destination - Happiness.


  • The host, Daniel E. May (1866-1946) was a son of Wesley May (1831-1900) and a grandson of Reuben May (1800-1840). His wife was Mary Centers (b. 1873)
  • Anna May Greenwade Taylor (1886-1942) of Winchester, Ky. was the daughter of Martha May (b.1857) and a granddaughter of Samuel May (1820-1904). We - the present generation of May descendants - owe our thanks to Anna for preserving the minutes of the 1929-1941 reunions that have made this series of essays possible.
  • Rev. David May (1847-1943) was a son of Samuel May (1820-1904) and a grandson of Thomas May (1787-1867). Frank May (1869-1949) was David's oldest son.

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