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1938 May Family Reunion
See facsimile of the meeting minutes

My mother noted in my baby book:
"When he was 16 months old, we took him to the May Reunion at Mt. Sterling and he had a good time - Aug. 31, 1938 at Dr. Bill Robinson's."
Fred T. May

The tenth May reunion was held at the same place where the first reunion was held - in the home of Dr. and Mrs. W. B. Robinson near Mt. Sterling, Ky. The hostess, Carrie Vice Robinson, was also the secretary for the meeting. The last paragraph of the minutes - thanking the Robinsons "for the lovely time they had enjoyed" - was entered in different handwriting than the rest of the report.

On Sunday Aug. (28) 1938 the tenth reunion of the descendants of Samuel & Mary May was held at the homeof Dr. & Mrs. W. B. Robinson near Mt. Sterling Ky. The day dawned bright and clear as it has at each reunion for the past 10 years. The oldest couple among the 201 people present was David may and wife of Nicholasville. They had almost reached their 91st milestone. All gave them a hearty greeting and felt blessed by their presence.

At noon the tables groaned under the bountiful lunch that was spread. David May gave thanks for the food. After lunch a business session was held with W. B. Robinson presiding. The same officers were retained for the coming year. The minutes of the last meeting were read by the Sec. Mrs, Anna G. Taylor and approved.

David May gave us all some good advice in the splendid talk he made. Frank May made a good short talk. He was followed by Mr. T. D. Mayo of Vickey, Texas, who gave us an inspiring talk. Mr. Mayo is the brother of Mrs. Bascom May of Prestonsburg and was his first visit to the May reunion.

A musical program closed the afternoon session & all gave a rousing vote of thanks for Dr. & Mrs. Robinson for the lovely time they had enjoyed.

Mrs. Carrie Robinson, Sec.


  • Rev. David May (1847-1943) was a son of Samuel May (1820-1904) and a grandson of Thomas May (1787-1867). Frank May (1869-1949) was David's oldest son.

  • T. D. Mayo and his sister, Anna Rhoda Mayo May, were children of Jacob and Minerva Scutchfield Mayo of Floyd County.

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