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1939 May Family Reunion
See facsimile of the very sketchy note

We only have a very sketchy note that clearly has the date of May 27-39 at the top. People mentioned are: Rev. David May, who followed the tradition of asking the blessing before the noon meal; Brother Wells, Minister of Nicholasville Methodist Church, who gave the main address; Brother Ragan, who followed Bro. Wells; and two professors. Two other names, Oli?? May of Sifford, Ky. and Garrad High???, are also scribbled on the one page note.

Notwithstanding the date on the note, these facts appear to be an abbreviated version of the detailed minutes recorded for the 1940 reunion, making me think they don't relate to a 1939 meeting. We know from the 1940 minutes that the minutes for the 1939 reunion were read and approved, so they existed at the time.

Anyone with information of other May family reunions can contact me for assistance in having them placed on this site.

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