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1941 May Family Reunion
See facsimile of the meeting minutes

On the traditional 4th Sunday in August the Mays met in 1941 to renew old friendships and enjoy a good meal on the lawn. This year the family gathered at the home of Mr. D. May near Salyersville, Ky. in Magoffin County.

The year of the meeting is not clear from the minutes. Someone apparently added a notation that it was for 1940, but we know there was a meeting of many of the same people in 1940 at Nicholasville, Ky. I will try to confirm my assumed 1941 date by finding the year of the death of Mrs. Betsy Harvey, which is referenced in the minutes.

The secretary of the group, Carrie Vice Robinson, leaves us this record:

The 4th Sunday in August dawned bright and clear. It was again time for the annual reunion of the descendants of the pioneer May family. We met at the beech woods near Salyersville with Mr. D. May's family as our delightful hosts. The morning was spent in meeting and greeting our kinsmen.

At noon a bountiful lunch was spread on the long tables under the trees. Someone has said that shade is God's hospitality to man and this spot reminded us that the trees are only one of the many blessings God has provided for our comfort. Mr. ... May gave thanks for the food and for all the Lord's bounty.

After this abundant meal the president, W. B. Robinson of Mt. Sterling, Ky., called the meeting to order and introduced Judge Patrick, who gave us a splendid address. He gave us some interesting information on the early history of the May family and brought us some spiritual truths. His talk was enjoyed & appreciated by all. The president expressed regret at the absence of David May & family. Being the first reunion they had missed since its origination. Many others were absent due to he death of one of our oldest and best loved members, Mrs. Betsy Harvey. We shall miss her kind and lovely face as we meet from time to time.

The following officers were elected for the coming year:
Pres:      W. B. Robinson
V. pres: ....
Sec:        Carrie Robinson

Mr. D. May invited the reunion back for the next meeting. He and his family entertained us so graciously and did everything possible for our pleasure and comfort. The meeting adjourned with the pleasant prospect of returning next year.

Respectfully submitted,

Carrie V. Robinson, Sec.


  • D. May, the host in Salyersville, has not been specifically identified - PLEASE HELP.
  • Judge Patrick, speaker for the day, was a lifelong friend of the May family in Prestonsburg.
  • Betsy Harvey was Elizabeth Dorcas May (1852-abt. 1941), daughter of Thomas Patton May (1816-1910) and granddaughter of Thomas May (1787-1867).
  • Dr. W. B. Robinson and his wife, Carrie Vice Robinson, were active organizers and leaders of the annual May reunions throughout the years from 1929 to 1941.
  • Martha Prater May, originally from Salyersville and the wife of Rev. David May of Nicholasville since 1867, died on 17 Mar 1941. David died two years later. The absence of David from the annual August reunion, as duly noted in the minutes, is understandable. However, since the death of Betsy Harvey is acknowledged, it is unclear why the death of Martha is not also mentioned.

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