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Nahe River - a Western Tributary in the Rhine River Valley

This modern map of the Nahe River Valley shows the close proximity of the villages were the Meÿ men and their wives lived over a period of two hundred years. Off the map the Nahe flows to the northeast, past Bad Kreuznach, and enters the Rhine at Bingen - about fifteen miles from Niederhausen an der Nahe. Our first family records come from Miesenheim, where the Meÿs attended church while living in nearby Callbach. The next set of records are from Alsenz and the last records are from the church at Niederhausen an der Nahe.

<======= The width of this map is less than nine miles ======>

A modern-day map of the Nahe Valley showing the home villages of the Meÿ families.

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Meisenheim and Callbach
Alsenz and Niedermoschel
Niederhausen and Hüffelsheim

Map of the Middle Rhine Valley

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