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The family and descendants of
John May, Jr. [1781-1849]

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John's gravestone gives date of death & age
Died Nov 22 1849
His age is noted on the back of a photo

No photos of John or many of his early descendants have been located
Anyone who has photos to share can contact Fred T. May

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Grave of John May, Jr.
inscription marked-up by
Mrs. Howard Woodwuff


John May, Jr.
b: 28 Apr 1781 d: 22 Nov 1849
----- +Mary Catherine Hanson
b. Abt. 1784 d. Abt. 1808

-- 2nd Wife
----- +Elizabeth Hanson
b. Abt. 1793 d. Abt. 1831

Middleworth graveyard at Tower Hill in Shelby Co., Illinois

An illegible stone next to John probably was the grave of his son, John, III.

Photo from Homer Eiler

He sent to this photo and note to
Thomas May [1853-1933]
Son of David May [1828-1864]

Note on back of photo

Eiler notes age at death as:
66 yrs. 6 mos, 24 days

Courtesy of Bill May, grandson of Thomas