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Descendants of Thomas & Dorcas Patton May

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John May [1821-1908]

Photos of the family of
Christian (Crit) May and Dulcie Adkins

They lived at Winright, KY in Pike County
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Photos of this family have been provided by
Emilee Clevinger (Jones) and her mother,
Edna Authelia May (Clevinger), daughter of Crit.

Children & more photos

Christian (Crit) May b: 2 Mar 1886 Sookey's Cr., a branch of Robinson Cr., Pike Co., KY d: 1 Sep 1968 Marrowbone, Pike Co., KY, buried at Winright in Winston Adkins Cemetery Age at death: 82

...... +Dulcie Jane Adkins b: 14 Sep 1890 m: 28 Feb 1913 Pikeville, KY d: 5 Jan 1935 Pike Co., KY (of tuberculosis) Age at death: 44

Photos of Dulcie, her sister & father

. *2nd Wife of Christian (Crit) May:
...... +Velcie Coleman b: 8 May 1906 Pike Co., Ky m: Apr 1948 d: 13 Apr 2000 Pike Co., KY, buried in Marrowbone Hill Cemetery Age at death: 93

Photos of Velcie & Crit

Crit May's home about 1930
Winright, Pike County, KY

Crit and a grandson, Kenneth May, on the steps in front of his home.
About 1956

Family gathering (about 1937)
People being identified

Children of Crit & Dulcie Adkins May ~ 1936

Sitting L-R: Charlene, Zettie, Clyde and Crit
Standing: Edna, Curtis, Ivery.

The family story is that the empty space on the bench was for Dulcie,
who died in 1935.

Dulcie Jane Adkins, about 1898 at the age of 8

Dulcie about 1902, at the age of 12

Dulcie about 1913, at the age of 23

Portrait of Hannah [b.1884] and Dulcie Jane Adkins [b.1890]

Winwright Adkins [1837-1918], father of Dulcie Jane Adkins