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Harvey George May [1825-1905]
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Family of Willliam Spencer May
posted Dec. 2006

Neva Truesdale May (Grush), a daughter of Williiam Spencer May and granddaughter of Harvey George May, provided information on the May family in Harrisonville, MO to Tress May Francis when Tress was compiling records for her book, History of the May Family: 1776 - 1956. We also know details of the migration of the family from a newspaper article written in Harrisonville after the death of their fifth child, Dr. Harvey George May, Jr. in 1929.

Neva lived in Kansas City, MO throughout her married life and had no children of her own. On the 1910 Census, two girls were listed as adopted daughters living with Walter and Neva in Kansas City. They were Cecilia Ewing and Dorothy May Ewing. The May middle name suggests that they probably were related.

Photos of William Spencer May and this daughter, Sally Naomi May (Fargo).

William Spencer May and a daughter, Sally Naomi May.

Notation on the back of the photo
The initials are for her married name, Naomi Fargo.

Sally Naomi May

Notation on the back of the photo

Ptotos courtesy of Cythia Strader, a descendant of William, in 2006.

1 William Spencer May b: 19 Jan 1850 Dover, KY d: 5 Dec 1931 Hutchinson, KS Age at death: 81
.. +Mary Josephine Proctor b: 1853 m: 1871 Cass Co., MO d: 7 Jul 1880 Harrisonville, MO, buried in Oakland Cemetery. Age at death: 27.

. 2 Neva Truesdale May b: 18 Jan 1872 Missouri
...... +Walter Lee Grush b: 22 Sep 1867 Illinois m: 21 Mar 1896 Springfield, MO d: 6 Jul 1916 Age at death: 48
. 2 Mary Josephine May b: 10 Feb 1873 d: Aft. 1929 Age at death: 56 est.
...... +Orlando Phillip Hazlett m: 1894 Buffalo, Dallas Co., Mo. d: 1930 Kansas City, Mo. Age at death: ?
. *2nd Husband of Mary Josephine May:
...... +(?) Weaver m: Bef. 1929
. 2 William Spencer May, Jr. b: 3 Oct 1874 Harrisonville, Mo.
...... +Mary Lilllian Gallagher b: 22 Feb 1874 Fort Niagara, N.Y. m: 4 Jun 1901 Detroit, Mich.
. 2 Sally Naomi May b: 12 Jan 1874 d: 19 Nov 1930 Hutchinson, KS, buried in Oakland Cemetery in Harrisonville, Mo. Age at death: 56
...... +Felix Edmission m: Hannibal, MO
. *2nd Husband of Sally Naomi May:
...... +(?) Fargo
. 2 John May b: 1879
. 2 Joe May b: 1880 d: Abt. 1880 Age at death: 0 est.
*2nd Wife of William Spencer May:
.. +Lulu Belle Dover b: 22 Feb 1872 Iowa m: 1896 d: Dec 1976 Russell, KS Age at death: 104 est.

. 2 David Dover May b: Abt. 1898 Arkansas
. 2 George Maxwell May b: Abt. 1900 Medora, KS
. 2 Reah May b: Abt. 1905 Medora, KS
. 2 Hallie Eleanor May b: 9 Aug 1907 Medora, KS
...... +John Jackson Miller
. 2 Harvey May
. 2 Ester May