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Posted: November 2000

Instructions on seaching for specific individuals or towns

If you would like to search for a specific individual or town in any given family tree, you should use the FIND feature on your browser. To narrow your search, begin by selecting an ancestor in the red frame located above this frame.

Family tree: Generations 1-12

A complete listing of names in the entire family tree is available. It is a very large file that will load slower than most pages in this family tree. The names in this listing include the direct Meÿ line in Germany plus May descendants and their spouses from the fifth through the twelfth generation.

The birth dates of members of the twelfth generation range from about 1870 to 1950, depending on the respective line to an immigrant ancestor. After you find the name of a person you seek, notice that adjacent names are siblings and names higher in the file are ancestors and their siblings. This should help guide you to the branch of the family tree you are seeking.

The index will be updated occasionally, as additions are made to the data base. Last updated in February, 2002.

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