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Minutes of the Board of Trustees

March 26, 2002


Those present: Marshall Davidson, Patricia A. Johnson, Don R. Johnson, Jim Spencer, Jimmy R. Reed, W. L. May, Robert Perry, Alice Howard, Garnett Fairchild, Sabra Jacobs, Sam D. Hatcher, and Dr. Larry Leslie.

Minutes of the March 27, 2001, Annual Membership Meeting was presented. With no discussion, Minutes were approved as presented.

Treasurer's report was presented for the information of the members. With no discussion, the Treasurer's report was approved as presented.

Upon a motion by Jim Spencer, seconded by Jimmy Reed, the following members were elected as Trustees:

Betsy Lambert          Lillian Baldridge        Marshall Davidson
Marrs Allen May      Garnett Fairchild       William L. May
Sam D. Hatcher        Robert Perry              David Hereford
John Rosenberg       Sabra Jacobs            Delmas Saunders
Don R. Johnson        Jim Spencer               Patricia A. Johnson
Jimmy D. Reed         Gary A. May

Mr. E. B. May, Jr., who, due to health problems, cannot attend the meetings, was unanimously elected as an Honorary Trustee. Also, Mr. Davidson stated that he would call Jim Daniels to see if he still wanted to remain on the Board. Ms. Fairchild stated that she would contact Mable Lineberger to see if she wished to remain a member. She stated she would have an answer for us at the next meeting.

William L. May and Gary A. May are new nominees to the Board of Trustees.

The positions of President and Secretary were to be filled this year. Don R. Johnson nominated Sam D. Hatcher for President; seconded by Marshall Davidson. Motion carried.

Jimmy Reed nominated Patricia A. Johnson for Secretary; seconded by Alice Howard. Motion carried.

Dr. Perry reported to the Board that on April 6, an Old Photo Fair would be held at the May House and invited all present to come and bring some of their old pictures. He said that it was being advertised in the newspaper and that the Whitesburg Radio station was also announcing the Fair.

With no further business, the Membership Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by:

Patricia A. Johnson, Secretary
Friends of the May House