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Minutes of the Board of Trustees

May 27, 2003

Those present: Don R. Johnson, Patricia A. Johnson, Emma Lou Martin, Sabra Jacobs, Delmas Saunders, Sam D. Hatcher, Jimmy Reed, and Garnett Fairchild.

Mr. Sam Hatcher opened the meeting by reminding everyone that we needed to keep Dr. Perry and Alice in our prayers. Dr. Perry is back in the hospital with pneumonia and is in critical condition.

Mr. Hatcher stated that the Minutes of the April meeting had been mailed and emailed to everyone. He asked if any one had any additions or deletions. There being none the Minutes will stand approved as presented.

Mr. Hatcher then presented the Treasurer's Report for March and April. The General Fund Balance as of May 12th is $4,084.24. There had been no major expenditures. Jimmy Reed gave Sam $58.00 from the selling of some of our books to his family that he had taken through the May House earlier. This will be added to the above to make our balance $4142.24. There being no comments or questions, the Treasurer's Report will stand as presented.

Mr. Hatcher stated that he felt the Photo Fair had been a success. Grace Moore had displayed some of her pictures. Two couples had traveled from out of town for the Fair and there were some from Paintsville who attended. Lillian and Garnett had prepared a refreshment table for everyone attending. Lillian had been able to get the cookies donated from Food City for the event.

Also, Mr. Hatcher informed us that a group of students from May Valley School had toured the House earlier this month and that his wife, Sue had led the tour. He also stated that he had talked with the Tourism Director, Miesha and that she had agreed to conduct tours of the house for two tour groups who would be coming through Floyd County during the month of June, if he were unable to be present. Sam would prepare a set of cards describing each room for her to use in conducting the tours. He also reminded us that at any time we did conduct a tour to be sure and have them to sign our guest register. We needed to be sure we had this for the Historical review that is done each year.

Mr. Hatcher stated that the cost for the web page for the May House Archives site has been transferred to us more specifically Sam's credit card, since Dr. Perry no longer has access to a computer. He stated that we had used 99.9% of our space and therefore, the cost had risen by $5.00. Sabra made a motion that we reimburse Sam the extra $5.00; seconded by Don. Motion carried.

Mr. Hatcher also informed the group that the May House had agreed to take out an ad in the Sons of Confederate Veterans Program for the State Reunion has they had done last year.

Garnett stated that she owed the group an apology. She had stated at the last meeting that she would get some quotes and find out some information in regard to a sign for the May House; however, she had not had the time to do so. Don had not had the time to make a mock-up sign as he has stated at the last meeting as well.

Mr. Hatcher stated that everyone was just so busy right now, it was hard to get all done that needed to be done. He stated that he would be asking Mr. Coe, who cleans the May House to paint the porches.

Jimmy Reed stated that he had heard nothing more from a Pharmacy Company that usually meets at the May House annually. They had asked to use the House on the 16th of June; however, this had not been confirmed as yet.

Garnett stated that at Dr. Perry and Alice's wedding, David Hereford had presented them with Kentucky Colonel Certificates.

Delmas Saunders brought up the idea of purchasing some books; however, it was discovered that the May House had already purchased some of the books and still had a couple for sale.

A representative from Prestonsburg Community College's Science Observatory that is under construction was present. He ask if the May House would be interested in working with them after the observatory is ready - approximately some time in early spring - in offering tours of the House to groups of school children that will be coming to the observatory and planetarium. He was assured that we would definitely be able to work something out and would collaborate with him in doing so.

Jimmy Reed stated that if we still wanted the gate painted, he had a friend who would be willing to do that for us. He stated he would get the supplies and then turn the bill into Sam for reimbursement. As soon as the weather breaks, he will get the gate painted for us.

Delmas had several items he wanted to donate to the May House Archives. These included a set of ten post cards with historical pictures on them that dated back to the 1800's of various locations in Prestonsburg; a 1991 calendar which had old pictures of places in Prestonsburg each month; and a list of the post masters of Prestonsburg dating from 1881 to 1969. The May House Board gladly accepted the donation and let him know they were greatly appreciated.

He had other old pictures to donate; however, he felt one of our Board members could identify the people in the pictures. So, he kept those to go by Marshall Davidson's house and see if he could tell him who the people in the pictures were. He will donate them at the June meeting.

With no further business, Sabra made a motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Don. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted:
Patricia A. Johnson, Secretary