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Minutes of the Board of Trustees
Prestonsburg, Kentucky 41653

June 24, 2003

Those present: Don R. Johnson, Garnett Fairchild, Samuel D. Hatcher, W. L. May, Delmas Saunders and Patricia A. Johnson.

Mr. Hatcher opened the meeting with Garnett Fairchild giving us a report on how Dr. Perry was doing. She stated that he had been taken to Lexington and given a radiation treatment; and, it was her understanding that he was feeling better.

Mr. Hatcher stated that the Minutes of the May meeting had been mailed and emailed to everyone. He asked if anyone had any additions or deletions. There being none, the Minutes will stand approved as presented.

In the absence of David Hereford, Mr. Hatcher presented the Treasurer's Report for the month of May. The General Fund balance as of June 9, 2003, was $3,747.60 with the expenditures for the clothing for the May House still to be deducted from this total. Other expenditures included web supplies, mikrotec internet services, telephone bill and for some books purchased. There being no additions or deletions, the Treasurer's Report will staff approved as presented.

Mr. Hatcher then informed the group that a Special Called Meeting had been held in Georgetown and ask the secretary to read those Minutes to the group (a copy of same is included with these regular monthly meeting ones). This being done, the Minutes will stand approved as presented.

Mr. Hatcher stated that to his knowledge there had been one tour group on Friday, June 13th that had been through the House. He stated that the Floyd County tourism director had been given a key and a set of cards to do the tours and that she was graciously helping out when none of us could be there.

He stated that he was in the process of trying to get someone to do the painting that we needed done and had not been able to do so as yet. However, he will keep trying to find someone to do it.

He stated that the Pharmacy Company was obviously not going to meet at the House this year since he had heard nothing further from them. Mr. Hatcher stated that there would be other tours in the near future and that on July 13; the SCV would have their meeting at the May House.

The Board was informed that on Sunday morning, the alarm system had gone off at the House; and, that several fire trucks had responded. The fire chief stated that he would call our system company and let them know that it needed to be worked on since there was no fire and it had malfunctioned. Sam stated that he would also try to get hold of the Company and ask them to come and check out the system.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by

Patricia A. Johnson, Secretary