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Minutes of the Board of Trustees
Prestonsburg, Kentucky 41653
February 24, 2004

Those present: Don R. Johnson, Patricia A. Johnson, Jim Spencer, Sam D. Hatcher, and Marshall Davidson.

Mr. Hatcher noted that there had not been a regular monthly meeting in December and January due to the lack of a quorum; however, we had held two special called meetings.

The Minutes of the December 14th Special Called Meeting were presented. He stated they had been mailed and emailed to everyone. He asked if there were any corrections that needed to be made. There being none they will stand approved as presented.

The Minutes of the January 4th Special Called Meeting were presented. Mr. Hatcher asked that a specific amount be entered into the Minutes - instead of just $2,000 plus for the repairs to the May House. The specific bid for the repairs was $2,250.00. With this change being noted, the Minutes will stand approved as presented.

Mr. Hatcher, in the absence of David Hereford, gave the Treasurer's Report for December and January. At the end of December the general fund balance was $3,756.65 and at the end of January it was $1,719.97, with the biggest expenditure being for the repairs on the House. It was noted that we still owe $267.50 for the repairs at their completion. With no comments, the Treasurer's Report will stand approved as presented.

Mr. Hatcher then reported on the repairs that had been completed: the largest part of the painting of the house is completed, both porches have been painted, the trim has also been done. There are a few boards on the front porch that will probably need to be painted over again. Most of the trimming on the windows has been completed. He is still waiting for a good weather day to fix the drain under the handicap ramp. There are still a few cracks in the plaster that he will need to complete before he leaves us.

Don Johnson brought up the fact that we are running low on funds and noted that it was time to send out dues notices once again. Mr. Hatcher stated that he would try to get the mailing list completed as soon as he can and then we can make labels from the computer at the May House. Don said he would like to prepare a cover letter to go with the dues coupon asking for donations to help with getting The Yankee Chasers book reprinted. Don went on to say that he would try to get prepared a draft of both the letter and coupon and send them to Sam for his final approval.

Don also brought up the idea of getting items prepared with the May House on them for sale there during the tours and events that were held at the House. It was noted here that the May Family Reunion would be held on September 10, 2004. Following a brief discussion, no action was taken.

Mr. Hatcher mentioned that he had received a call from a Prestonsburg High School student wanting to do tours of the house for us. They had reactivated the Young Historians Club and she wanted to do this as a project. He had told her to send him a resume; however, to date he had not heard from her.

It was noted that the March meeting will also be the Annual Membership Meeting and elections for officer would be held. This year the President and Secretary of the Board of Trustees are to be elected. Mr. Hatcher named Don Johnson, Jim Spencer, and Marshall Davidson to the nominating Committee. The meeting will be held on March 23rd prior to the regular monthly meeting.

Marshall Davidson brought up the fact that the House was built in 1817 and he felt it would be a good idea to purchase a flag for that year. Mr. Hatcher stated that several flags had been purchased and that most of the time we did not fly a flag at all. Mr. Davidson also stated that during the July 4th celebration in Floyd County we needed to try to get something to display at the House and have it opened for tours. Mr. Hatcher stated that he would purchase a new catalog of the Historical Society Exhibits and see if there was one we might be able to have on display during that time.

With no further business, Mr. Jim Spencer made a motion to adjourn; seconded by Marshall Davidson. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by:
Patricia A. Johnson, Secretary