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Minutes of the Board of Trustees
Prestonsburg, Kentucky 41653

April 27, 2004

Those present: Patricia A Johnson, Don R. Johnson, Alice Howard Perry, Garnett Fairchild, Jim Spencer, Marshall Davidson and Delmas Saunders.

In the absence of our President, Sam Hatcher, our Vice-President, Garnett Fairchild, presided over the meeting. Ms. Fairchild called the meeting to order and asked that everyone present take a little time to review the Minutes of the last meeting for any additions or corrections that might need to be made. An error had been made in the amount of an ad to be placed in The Lost Cause in last month's Minutes. It read, "Don Johnson made a motion to put aside $500.00 for an ad to be placed in the newsletter"; when it should have read as follows - Don Johnson made a motion to put aside $100.00 for the ad in The Lost Cause.

There being no further corrections, Ms. Fairchild stated the Minutes would stand approved as presented with above added correction having been noted.

Ms. Fairchild read a report that Mr. Hatcher had left in regard to the Treasury. We had received to date a total of $2,970.00 for dues plus $1,360.00 ear-marked for the reprinting of John Wells' book making a total of $4,330.00 received since letters have been mailed. Ms. Fairchild stated that this was the only report she had and that we would approve a complete Treasurer's Report at the May meeting.

Report from Book Committee: Don R. Johnson, Chairman of the Book Committee stated that he would like to make a motion to move $308.27 from the Archive fund and add this to the $1,360.00 received for the book into a fund for the book only. Marshall Davidson seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Mr. Davidson further stated that he would like to pledge a donation of $200.00 to be used for other needed items of the May House. The Board extended their appreciation to Mr. Davidson.

Following a discussion on the number of books to order, Don Johnson made a motion to purchase 500 copies of John Wells' book; seconded by Jim Spencer. Motion carried.

Mr. Davidson stated that he had found out some information in regard to the July 4th celebration in Prestonsburg. The Marker Dedication will be held on Saturday, July 3rd; however, the time is still unknown.

Mrs. Alice Howard Perry then gave a check to the May House that she had located among Dr. Perry's belongings when going through them for storage that she had received after his death. It was a donation for the May House. She also found a letter asking for some assistance in locating some local information. Both items were left for Mr. Hatcher to take care of when he came to the May House. It was believed the information requested was in our files and that Mr. Hatcher would know exactly where to find it.

Mrs. Perry also had located a tape labeled "May 17th, 1993" which was a video that had been shown on WYMT TV. She donated this to the May House as well. The Board felt this was an item that might be used with tour groups or with school children to interest them in visiting the May House when in Floyd County.

Following a brief discussion, Don Johnson made a motion to hold our annual Photo Fair on May 22nd from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM. Motion seconded by Jim Spencer and carried unanimously. Don and Patricia Johnson will provide a few refreshments for the event.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by:

Patricia A. Johnson, Secretary