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Minutes of the Board of Trustees
Prestonsburg, Kentucky 41653

August 24, 2004

Those present: Don R. Johnson, Patricia A. Johnson, Jim Spencer, Garnett Fairchild, Marshall Davidson, and Delmas Saunders.

Note: There was not a meeting held in July due to lack of a quorum.

In the absence of Mr. Hatcher, Mrs. Fairchild presided over the meeting.

With there being no comments on the previous meeting Minutes in June, Mrs. Fairchild stated that the Minutes would stand approved as presented.

Mrs. Fairchild reported the Treasurer's report in the absence of Mr. Hereford. The general fund balance was $1,348.40 and the Archive balance was $772.27. There being no comments, the Treasurer's Report will stand as presented.

Mrs. Fairchild asks if there was any Old Business that needed to be taken care of. Since there was not that anyone knew about, she asked for New Business items. Don Johnson stated that Sam had called him just as he was leaving the house and asked that we report two items for him: (1) Ann Latta mentioned donating to the May House a spinning wheel and; (2) one of the May family members was thinking of donating to the May House an 1880's sewing machine, if we indicated that the items were wanted. It was unanimous by those present that the items were indeed wanted for the House.

Mr. Hatcher had also ask that Don let everyone know that there had been sold approximately thirty (30) of the "Yankee Chasers", John Wells' Book and; that Steve Lynn would be purchasing another ten of the books for resale in the near future.

Patricia Johnson reported that the Girl Scout activity was on hold right now until Dawn Stambaugh could get hold of their regional representative to set up the activity. She had been trying for some time and just could not seem to get in touch with her. She stated that either she or Dawn would let the Board members know if the activity was a go and that if they did not hear anything, Dawn had not been able to set it up.

Mr. Saunders mentioned that a log needed to be designed for letting people take pictures from our files to copy so they could be traced. Also, it was discussed that some rules needed to be set up and posted so anyone who came in could see them in regard to checking out or copying any of our pictures we had in our archives. It was stated that we would go into more detail on this subject at our September meeting when hopefully more people would be in attendance.

Also, the group was reminded that on September 11, the May Family, who would be having a Reunion at Jenny Wiley Lodge, would be at the May House to do a tour. Mr. Hatcher had already made plans with Fred May to conduct the tour.

With no further business, Mrs. Fairchild stated the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by

Patricia A. Johnson, Sectetary