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Minutes of the Board of Trustees
Prestonsburg, Kentucky 41653

November 14, 2004

Those present: Sabra Jacobs, Patricia A. Johnson, Don R. Johnson, Sam D. Hatcher, Thomas Hereford, Mary J. Hereford, Delmas Saunders, and Jim Spencer.

Mr. Hatcher called the meeting to order at 3:00 PM and noted that a quorum of Trustees were present. He noted that the Minutes had been emailed to those with email and mailed to other members as well as having extras present today. He asked for any comments; there being none, the Minutes will stand approved as presented.

Since the meeting was held early, due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, Mr. David Hereford had not been notified to send us a Treasurer's Report early; therefore, an up-to-date one will be presented and reviewed at the next meeting.

Mr. Hatcher thanked Jim, Don and Patricia for decorating the May House for Christmas prior to the meeting. He also noted that the Victrola had been picked up by Delmas, Jim and Don and was now present in the House. According to its label it was manufactured in 1906.

Mr. Hatcher said he had also been asked by Mr. Gary May if the Board had done anything to honor Dr. Robert L. Perry. Nothing having been done, Mr. May suggested that the Board name a room in the May House after Dr. Perry and prepare an appropriate plaque to designate such. After a brief discussion, Don Johnson made a motion to designate the room with the pantry and the one that meetings are always held in as "The Dr. Robert L. Perry Room". Sabra Jacobs seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously. It was decided that anyone who wished to work on the wording for a plaque to be placed in the room to do so and bring it to the next meeting for the Board's consideration. Don stated that once the wording was established he would check into the cost of getting an appropriate plaque prepared for the room.

This also brought up the fact that there was nothing in the House to designate who had given the House to the Board of Trustees. Sabra Jacobs made a motion that one plaque be designed to honor the May brothers. Don Johnson seconded the motion. Motion carried. Suggestions for the wording for this plaque will also be taken up at the next meeting. All were encouraged to bring their suggestions or, if they could not attend, to email them to Sam or any of the Board members.

Miscellaneous items were then mentioned to the group: (1) The May House had purchased an ad in The Lost Cause to advertise the books that we have for sale; (2) November 23rd, the Wee Care child care center would be having Parent's Night at the May House; (3) The Minister/Priest of the Church associated with the Wee Care child care center had found a pistol in the house that he is renting - The Layne House - dating back to the War Between the States. He had contacted the Layne family and they had no interest in it and he had asked Sam if the May House would like to have it for display; and, of course, the answer was yes. (4) Coordinating keeping the May House open on days that students were visiting the Science Center at KCTCS and making it available for them to visit was also discussed with no significant outcome.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by:

Patricia A. Johnson, Secretary