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Minutes of the Board of Trustees
Prestonsburg, Kentucky 41653

March 25, 2008


* Final approval of these minutes will be made at the 2009 Annual Membership Meeting *

Those present: Don R. Johnson, Patricia A. Johnson, Garnett Fairchild, Jim Spencer, Sam D. Hatcher, Dawn R. Stambaugh, Lynn May, William L. May and Lillian Baldridge.

Mr. Hatcher called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM. He stated that the Minutes from last year's meeting had been emailed and mailed to everyone and copies were available for everyone present. He asked all present to take a few minutes and go over them. This having been done, he asked for any deletions or additions; there being none, the Minutes will stand approved as presented.

In the absence of Mr. Hereford, Mr. Hatcher gave the Treasurer's Report. The balance of the General Fund is $3,435.95, with the major expenses being the monthly ones, telephone, internet, etc. He asked if there were any questions or comments regarding the Treasurer's Report. There being none; the report will stand approved as presented.

Mr. Hatcher said that he felt this past Old Christmas was one of the, if not the most successful ones we had had in several years. We had around sixty people in attendance; and, these were the ones who had signed in. He felt there might have been more than that and that all did not sign in as they were asked to after some had entered the House.

Discussion was then held as to the number of Trustees for the Board for the coming year. Don Johnson made a motion to leave the number at nineteen (19). This was seconded by Jim Spencer; and, passed unanimously. It was noted that Delmas Saunders had said that he would resign from the Trustees this year. He felt he was not able to help at his age and wanted to give someone else an opportunity to help. Although, the Board had nothing in writing so stating, this is noted. Mrs. Lillian Baldridge made a motion to make him an Honorary Member. Jim Spencer seconded; motion carried. It was also noted that we lost a member, Marshall Davidson, this past year. We would make him an honorary member as well. The following were nominated as new members to the Board of Trustees - Ann Latta, Janice Allen and Dawn Stambaugh. The nominations were seconded and they carried. Therefore, the Trustees for the Samuel May House, Inc. for the 2008-2009 year are: Sabra Jacobs, Lillian Baldridge, Tom Matijasic, Alice Howard-Perry, William L. May, Gary May, John Rosenberg, Jim Spencer, Sam D. Hatcher, Garnett Fairchild, David Hereford, Don R. Johnson, Patricia A. Johnson, Ann Latta, Janice Allen and Dawn R. Stambaugh. Also, Honorary Members include William H. May, Dr. Robert Perry, E. B. May, Jr., Marshall Davidson. and Delmas Saunders.

Next on the Agenda was the election of President and Secretary. For President, Jim Spencer nominated Sam D. Hatcher. There being no further nominations, Mrs. Johnson was instructed to cast one vote for Mr. Hatcher for President.

Jim Spencer nominated Patricia A. Johnson for Secretary; however, Mrs. Johnson declined the nomination due to personal reasons. Dawn R. Stambaugh was then nominated by Jim Spencer. There being no further nominations, Mrs. Johnson was instructed to case one vote for Dawn R. Stambaugh as Secretary.

There being no further business for the Annual Membership Meeting; motion was made by Jim Spencer to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Lillian Baldridge. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by:

Patricia A. Johnson, Secretary