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Minutes of the Board of Trustees
Prestonsburg, Kentucky 41653

March 31, 2009

Those present: Dawn R. Stambaugh, Garnett Fairchild, Sam D. Hatcher, Patricia A. Johnson, Don R. Johnson, Sabra Jacobs, John Rosenburg, Tom Matjasic, Dr. Larry Leslie, and Mitchell Stambaugh.

Mr. Hatcher called the meeting to order at 8:10PM. He stated that the Minutes had been emailed and mailed to all Board Members. Tom Matjasic made a motion to accept the minutes. Seconded by Don Johnson. The Minutes will be approved as presented.

In the absence of David Hereford, Mr. Hatcher stated that the balance is $3,136.06. With no corrections, the Treasurer's Report would stand as presented.

Dawn asked about cleaning the House since the House had not be cleaned since Old Christmas. Sam stated it needed to be clean before the May Meeting and Dawn stated she and her husband could clean it before the May Meeting. Sam made a motion. Seconded by Don Johnson. Motion passed.

The next Board Meeting was set for the 3rd Tuesday in May which is May 19th at 7PM. With there being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM.

Respectfully submitted by,

Dawn R. Stambaugh, Secretary

Friends of the Samuel May House, Inc.