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Minutes of the Board of Trustees
Prestonsburg, Kentucky 41653

October 18, 2009

Those present: Dawn R. Stambaugh, Garnett Fairchild, Sam D. Hatcher, Patricia A. Johnson, Don R. Johnson, and Mitchell Stambaugh.

Mr. Hatcher called the meeting to order at 3:03pm. He stated that the Minutes had been emailed and mailed to all Board Members. The Minutes were approved as presented.

In absence of David Hereford, Mr. Hatcher stated that the balance is $3528.25. He made a contribution of $50 to the Friends of Middle Creek. He also stated that we need to have the alarm checked and the phone fixed again. With no further comments, the Treasurer's Report was accepted as presented.

The only item of business was discussion of Old Christmas. Old Christmas was set for January 10, 2010. It will be open from 2pm - 5pm. Mr. Hatcher suggested getting two vinyl signs to help advertise Old Christmas. These signs would last and all we would have to do is take them back every year and change the date. Putting one at the foot of Combs bridge as you are coming into Prestonsburg and the other in the front yard. After some discussion, Don Johnson made a motion to purchase the signs and Patricia Johnson seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Next, Mr. Hatcher asked about decorating for Old Christmas. He suggested have a Decorating committee and all members help decorate the house. Garnett Fairchild said she would be happy to chair the committee and she would ask Lillian to help her. Our next meeting was set for December 13th at 3pm and this is also when we will decorate the house.

Mr. Hatcher asked Patricia Johnson if she could bring her Friendship tea and refreshments like last year. She said she was sorry but she could not commit to bring items due to family problems, but if she was able she would bring the Friendship tea. Mr. Hatcher stated that the Friends of Middle Creek said they would love to help out with Old Christmas. Garnett suggested that Mr. Hatcher ask them about bringing the refreshments and all were in agreement. Mr. Hatcher said he would contact them about the refreshments.

Next, Mr. Hatcher asked Patricia Johnson if she would invite Angie Conley to bring some of her students to perform for us that day. She said she would check and let us know. Mr. Hatcher stated that he would ask David Hereford if his granddaughter would like to come and perform like she did last year. He also stated that he would contact John David Preston about portraying the part of Samuel May like he did last year.

Mr. Hatcher then asked Dawn Stambaugh if her and her husband could clean the May House before Old Christmas. Dawn said that they could and they will clean the House before December 13th and then touch it up before January 10th.

With there being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4pm.

Respectfully submitted by
Dawn R. Stambaugh, Secretary
Friends of the Samuel May House, Inc.