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Minutes of the Board of Trustees
Special Meeting

January 20, 2001

Members Present: Sam Hatcher, Robert Perry, Don Johnson, Sabra Jacobs, Tim Skeen, Jim Spencer, Marshall Davidson, Lillian Baldridge.
Also present Alice Howard

The meeting was called to order at 2:10 P. M.

The purpose of the meeting was to view wallpaper samples and select wall paper for Samuel’s parlor. Paper had not been selected at the previous meeting for this purpose. Kevin Hereford had forwarded some additional samples to be reviewed.

The following was selected after much discussion:
1. It was decided to change the paper previously selected for the entry hall. It was decided to use a pattern by Carter & Co, labeled “Lincoln,s Parlor”Selection of a border was postponed.

A question was brought up whether for the hall way we should use a cloth backed paper with a type of venial finish that would stand up to the public use of the house better than paper. This question would be referred to Kevin Hereford who is serving as a consultant in this.

2. For Samuel’s Parlor paper captioned as “Governors Manson Walls, Richmond, Virginia” was selected, motion by Robert Perry, second by Lillian Baldridge. Motion passed.

A border “Greek Fret Border” 14644.06 Brunschwig & Frls was selected.

In addition to the above Robert Perry moved, second Sabra Jacobs, that subject to adequate funding that the dinning room be papered using the paper titled “Boggs House Wall”.

Upon completion of the above the meeting adjourned.

Sam Hatcher