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Minutes of the Board of Trustees

October 23, 2001

Those present: Patricia A. Johnson, Delmas Saunders, Don R. Johnson, Robert Perry, Samuel D. Hatcher, Lillian Baldridge, and Sabra Jacobs.

The Friends of the Samuel May House met for their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2001. Mr. Hatcher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Don R. Johnson made a motion to accept the Minutes of the September 25th meeting as presented. Seconded by Delmas Saunders. Motion carried.

In the absence of David Hereford, Mr. Hatcher gave the treasurer's report. As of October 28th, the general fund balance is $4,564.82; with the Archive fund having a balance of $3,206.81. However; Mr. Hatcher reminded the group that a bill had been sent to David for $2800. plus dollars for the computer and cabinet that had been purchased, leaving approximately $300. plus dollars in the Archive fund. This will be to the exact amount at the November meeting.

Mrs. Baldridge asked about how much of our State money was left. Mr. Hatcher stated that he was really unsure. Don R. Johnson made a motion to accept the Treasurer's report as present. Robert Perry seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Mr. Hatcher informed the group that A. J. May's great grandson, Dr. Rees Cecil Chapman from Norfolk, VA had purchased two books from the May House. Sam had sent him a thank you note along with the two books as well as gave him our website address.

Mr. Hatcher noted that our lights for the parking lot were up and working as we might have noticed when we entered. Dr. Perry mentioned that our sidewalk had been damaged slightly while the city had been doing the landscaping. He also suggested that unless the house was having a meeting/function during the evening hours, he felt the lights did not need to be turned on. He felt they would attract unwanted visitors to the lot. Mr. Hatcher stated that he would try to reset the lights to come on properly. Also, in the mean time, Mr. Saunders stated that he would contact West Virginia Gas Co. to see if they might be willing to donate a steel gate to use at the entrance to the parking lot.

Dr. Perry mentioned that the vacancy on the Board due to the death of Mr. William May needed to be filled. He nominated Alice Howard, who has proved to be a true friend of the May House for quite a while without being on the Board. Ms. Lillian Baldridge seconded the nomination and it passed unanimously.

The group was reminded of the Ivy Mountain Dedication to be held Saturday, November 10, 2001, at 2:00 PM at the Monument. Dr. Perry made a motion to reimburse Don R. Johnson for any cost incurred in feeding the re-enactors; as it was decided, that anyone who arrived around 12:00 PM for the dedication at the May House would also receive a free lunch before leaving for the ceremony. Ms. Lillian Baldridge seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Dr. Perry stated that he had some photos copied at Wal-Mart totaling $55.00. He asked that the May House reimburse him for these pictures. Mr. Hatcher asks that he fill out an expense voucher and send to David Hereford, who would then reimburse him.

Mr. Delmas Saunders had brought two items to the meeting to donate for display. The first item was R. A. Burke's pitch pipe and the second was a compass that belonged to Bascom May, a relative of Samuel May. Ms. Lillian Baldridge made a motion to accept the two donations and to display them properly. Sabra Jacobs seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

With no further business, Don R. Johnson made a motion that the meeting adjourn; seconded by Delmas Saunders; and, passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by:

Patricia A. Johnson, Secretary