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Minutes of the Board of Trustees

April 24, 2001

Those present: Don R. Johnson, Sam Hatcher, Jim Spencer, William May, Garnett S. Fairchild, Lillian Baldridge, Patricia A. Johnson, and Delmas Saunders. There were also two guests: Sharon and Dale Sternberg.

The Friends of the Samuel May House met for their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, April 24, 2001. Mr. Hatcher called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

Mr. Hatcher reminded the group that we now had a website and that after the Minutes of each meeting was approved, they would be posted there. Don Johnson made a motion to accept the Minutes as presented; seconded by Jim Spencer. Motion carried.

Mr. Hatcher stated that the Treasurer, David Hereford, had mailed him a copy of the treasurer's report; however, he had left it at home. He stated to the best of his memory we still had approximately $7,000 with no significant expenditures having been made. He will present this report to us at the next meeting. He also reminded the group that we had sold some of the Floyd County Pictorial History books and still had several boxes for sale. He stated that the Floyd County Historical Society also was selling the books.

Mr. Hatcher then presented to the group a bill from Robert Perry for photocopying he had done for our archives. The total of the bill was $170.00. Don Johnson made a motion to reimburse Dr. Perry for the pictures, second by Garnett Fairchild. Motion carried. A catalogue system for the picture archive was discussed briefly. It was decided that one would definitely be needed in the future.

Mr. Hatcher informed the group that the lease for the parking lot had been signed by Mr. May and his brothers. He stated that he thought the Mayor was now in possession of the lease; however, he had not been able to find out for sure and would try again on Friday. He stated that once the Mayor had signed it, we could advertise for bids. Randy is working on a bid package (parts of the project will be advertised separately) and will have it ready as soon as the lease is signed. He stated that when he did receive the signed lease, he was going to send a copy to David Morgan and Greg Stumbo and see if they could offer us some help in getting the project on its way.

Mrs. Baldridge asked the status of the wallpaper. Mr. Hatcher stated that Kevin was supposed to be looking for what the committee had chosen for the house and he had not heard anything from him.

Mrs. Baldridge had a Southern Accent magazine in which she had found a picture of the table that Kevin had purchased for the house. Chairs (which we do not have as yet) were also pictured with this table. She stated she might be able to get us some quotes for the chairs if the group was interested. Mr. Hatcher asked her to get some quotes and present to us the next meeting.

Don Johnson inquired as to the status of the vacuum cleaner. Mr. Hatcher stated this was one of many items he had not had a chance to check into as yet.

Mr. Hatcher stated that probably next month there would be a special meeting in order to discuss hiring someone for the summer to be at the May House.

Don Johnson informed the group that the reenactment of the Battle of Middle Creek had been cancelled this year, due to there not being a site available to hold it. Mr. Hatcher informed the group that the May House would; however, have on display for the month of August, a Civil War Exhibit.

There being no further business, Don Johnson made a motion that the meeting adjourn, second Delmas Saunders. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia A. Johnson, Secretary