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Minutes of the Board of Trustees

February 26, 2002

Those present: Alice Howard, Patricia A. Johnson, Robert Perry, Jimmy D. Reed, Don R. Johnson, Jim Spencer, Marshall Davidson and Samuel D. Hatcher.

The Friends of the Samuel May House met for their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, February 26, 2002. In the absence of Samuel Hatcher (who arrived later), Dr. Robert Perry conducted the meeting the first portion of the meeting.

Don R. Johnson made a motion to accept the Minutes of the January 29th, 2002, meeting as presented; seconded by Jimmy D. Reed. Motion carried.

In the absence of David Hereford, Dr. Perry presented the Treasurer's report. The General Fund balance is $4,076.56, up quite a bit from last month, due to the sale of some of our books and $2500.00 received from the Horn Foundation. The Archive Fund is still $258.27. Mr. Hereford noted that he reimbursed Dr. Perry for the last photographs he had copied from the General Fund due to small amount left in the Archive Fund. The group agreed this was a good move. Don R. Johnson made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report as presented; seconded by Jim Spencer. Motion carried.

Dr. Perry informed the group that a reporter from the East Kentucky Magazine (published in Hazard) had toured the May House and that in an upcoming issue a picture and article on the May House would be included.

Dr. Perry informed the group that the Prestonsburg Chamber of Commerce would be holding a reception at the May House sometime in April. Following a brief discussion in regard to this meeting, two things were decided - the members of the group would get together on a Saturday before April 1 and clean the house; and, also a fee of $100.00 would be asked for using the House for the reception. Also, Mr. Hatcher stated that he would try to have us a good vacuum cleaner before the House was to be cleaned.

Advertising for the Photo Fair, planned for April 6, was discussed. Dr. Perry stated that he would take care of getting the advertising ready and published for the event. He would have it in all neighboring counties newspapers, TV cable station locally and in Johnson County, as well as write letters to the Editors of all newspapers.

The reception planned for the Kentucky Division SCV Reunion was discussed. On Friday evening, May 17, the Friends of the May House will work with the Col. Andrew Jackson May Camp in hosting a reception while registration is being held at the May House. Alice Howard and Patricia Johnson will serve as co-chairpersons for this event.

Also, in regard to the Kentucky Division SCV Reunion, the Friends of the May House, Inc. voted to buy a full-page ad for the Reunion Program. The back page of the booklet (in color) will include various pictures and a list of books we have for sale. Jim Spencer voted to spend $50.00 for this full-page ad; seconded by Jimmy D. Reed. Motion carried.

Dr. Perry had prepared a very informative brochure on the Ivy Mountain Monument for distribution to Hotels, Restaurants, etc. The cost had been $100.00. Jim Spencer made a motion that The Friends of the May House pay for ½ the cost of the publication; seconded by Jimmy D. Reed. Motion carried.

With Mr. Hatcher having arrived, a discussion was held in regard to the next meeting being the Annual Membership meeting of the Friends of the May House and also election time. The group asks Mr. Hatcher to contact all Trustees to see if they wished to remain a Trustee before the March meeting. Mr. Hatcher also stated the President and Secretary were the two officers to be elected at this year's meeting.

Mr. Hatcher made a motion to replace a crock-pot for Alice Howard that had been broken at the Old Christmas celebration; seconded by Jimmy D. Reed. Motion carried. Alice was also asked to purchase a crock-pot for the May House to keep on hand.

There being no further business, Don R. Johnson made a motion that the meeting adjourn; Jim Spencer seconded. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by:

Patricia A. Johnson, Secretary
Friends of the May House