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Minutes of the Board of Trustees

November 27, 2001

Those present: Garnett S. Fairchild, Lillian Baldridge, Sam D. Hatcher, Jim Spencer, Don R. Johnson, Robert Perry, Alice Howard and Patricia A. Johnson.

The Friends of the Samuel May House met for their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, November 27th, 2001. Mr. Hatcher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Alice Howard made a motion to accept the Minutes of the October 23rd meeting as presented. Seconded by Don R. Johnson. Motion carried.

In the absence of David Hereford, Mr. Hatcher presented the Treasurer's report (copy attached to these Minutes locally). As of November 19th, the general fund balance was
$ 4,519.68; with the archive fund balance being $258.27. Robert Perry made a motion to accept the report as presented. Seconded by Don R. Johnson. Motion carried.

Mr. Hatcher and all present stated that they had received several positive comments about the Ivy Mountain Dedication and the reception following. He stated he felt it had given the May House some excellent publicity and exposure to the public. Ms. Baldridge stated she would like to personally thank Alice Howard and her friends who had done an excellent job on the reception - presentation and food.

Don R. Johnson informed the group that on Sunday at the Yatesville Lake there had been a Veterans Day celebration and dedication held and that several of the re-enactors from our area had attended the ceremony.

Dr. Perry informed the group that the base for the flagpole had been poured and was ready for the pole to be installed when it arrived. He also stated that he had talked with Kevin Hereford; and, that Kevin had informed him the happenings of September 11 had delayed our wallpaper that he had ordered. He had informed Dr. Perry that as soon as he received the wallpaper he would be at the house to hang it for us.

Alice Howard mentioned that she felt our curtains were in need of being laundered. She volunteered to take them and launder for us.

Following a brief discussion on Christmas decorations and what we needed to purchase for the House, Mr. Hatcher appointed Garnett Fairchild, Lillian Baldridge and Alice Howard to serve as a Committee to purchase whatever decorations they felt were needed. Ms. Howard mentioned that her friend, Judy Music, would be glad to help them. She was asked to contact Judy and let her know when the ladies planned to meet and purchase the items. Don R. Johnson made a motion that the group be allocated as much as $500.00 to use for the purchase of these items. Seconded by Jim Spencer. Motion carried.

Dr. Perry informed the group that Turner Publishing had sold out of the Floyd County Pictorial History book. He stated that the May House had approximately sixty (60) books left for sale. It was decided to sell what we had left for $45.00 each. Jim Spencer made a motion that an ad be prepared for the paper letting the public know where they could pick up a copy of the Floyd County Pictorial History. He also suggested listing all the other books that the May House had for sale. Dr. Perry seconded the motion and stated that he would take care of preparing the ad and getting it placed in the Floyd County Times. Motion carried.

There being no further business, Don R. Johnson made a motion that the meeting adjourn. Jim Spencer seconded. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia A. Johnson, Secretary