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Minutes of the Board of Trustees

May 28, 2002

Those present: Sam D. Hatcher, Don R. Johnson, Delmas Saunders, Garnet S. Fairchild, Lillian Baldridge, Marva C. Hereford, Kevin Hereford, Dr. Robert Perry, Gary May, Alice Howard, Jim Spencer and Patricia A. Johnson.

The Friends of the Samuel May House met for their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 28, 2002. Minutes had been emailed and snail mailed to members. Mr. Hatcher asked if there were any corrections. Ms. Garnett Fairchild stated that in the sixth paragraph it was stated, "A Committee of Alice Howard and Garnett Fairchild was formed to talk with the Mayor regarding being able to use this money for the panels and to see how much is left to spend for the May House." The statement should have read as follows: "A Committee of Alice Howard and Garnett Fairchild was formed to talk with the Mayor and Frank Fitzpatrick regarding being able to use this money for the panels and to see how much is left to spend for the May House." This correction having been made the Minutes will stand as presented.

Due to the fact that David Hereford had been involved in the SCV State Division Annual Reunion this past month, he had been unable to present a Treasurer's Report. Therefore, this was deferred to our June meeting.

Sam welcomed our two visitors - Kevin Hereford and his wife, Marva to our meeting. Mr. Hereford and his wife had been papering the front parlor and was approximately ¾ done with the job. Everyone commented on how great the paper looked and what a good job they had done.

Also, Mr. Hereford had delivered a corner cabinet to the house and had set it up with a set of Blue Danube dishes in it. The dishes were a donated item to the house. The cabinet was an authentic reproduction of one that would have been in the house during the 1860's.

Sam stated that the Col. A. J. May Camp had just completed sponsoring the State SCV Reunion. He stated that the Friends of the May House and the OCR had sponsored a reception for all SCV and OCR members and their families on Friday evening and that all the comments he had received were very positive. All had had a good time and everyone enjoyed the reception.

He then asked for a report from Alice Howard and Garnett Fairchild, a Committee he had appointed to meet with the Mayor and Frank Fitzpatrick. Ms. Fairchild reported that they had indeed met with Mr. Fitzpatrick first and then had met with the Mayor. Dr. Perry asked if Mr. Fitzpatrick had not given them an invoice to present to the city. Ms. Fairchild reported that yes he had given them one and it had been delivered to the Mayor.

A discussion of the $10,000.00 for two interpretative signs for the May House then began. Ms. Baldridge stated that she felt that was quite a bit of money to spend on signs. Dr. Perry explained that these signs would be mounted in weather steel and the images were embedded in the tile or concrete. He stated these were more durable than the Ivy Mountain signs.

Dr. Perry further explained that one sign would be placed along the sidewalk by the house and would tell the story of when, in the fall of 1861, the 5th Ky. Confederate Infantry was formed at the house. Visitors would be able to read a short history of the house as they began to tour it.

The second sign would be placed along the walking trail at Prestonsburg Community College telling of a skirmish that happened between workers for the May's who were at their grinding mill when they were attacked by a small federal band.

Following the description and a brief discussion of the money required to get them done, Dr. Perry stated that he would do a follow-up visit to the Mayor and would report at our next meeting.

Ms. Baldridge stated that she felt some other dishes and a set of flat ware were needed for the May House to use for receptions held there. Mr. Hatcher appointed Alice Howard, Lillian Baldridge and Garnett Fairchild to make a list of the items needed and the approximate cost of them to present to our next meeting. At that time, we would see if the money was available to purchase items.

Mr. Hatcher stated that if all we did receive was $10,000.00, we might want to rethink how we would use these monies. He stated that John Rosenburg had emailed him that he might have a person who would work part-time for the House this summer. Therefore, would we want to spend maybe $5,000.00 for one sign and then hire a person for the summer? Following a brief discussion, a decision was not made.

Mr. Hatcher stated that there were five or six bus tours that would be coming to the May House in June. This would raise us some revenue. He also mentioned that he had checked with the Tourism Commission on getting help from them with the printing of more of the Ivy Mountain brochures. Now, there was an application that had to be completed before the Commission could commit any of their funds. Sam had the application; however, he had not had time to complete it, but would do so, as soon as he could.

Delmas Saunders had some items with him to donate to the house. They belonged to John Burke, Jr. who had given them to him to bring to the house. They were bullet shells that he had found at the Ivy Mountain site and a piece of a US cavalrymen's uniform.

Dr. Perry stated that he would write a letter of "Thanks" to John Burke, Jr., letting him know we greatly appreciated these donations.

Cleaning of the House and painting of the porch were discussed with no decision made.

Dr. Perry made a motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Jim Spencer. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Patricia A. Johnson, Secretary