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Minutes of the Board of Trustees

November 28, 2000

PRESENT:   Don R. Johnson; Jim Spencer; Garnett Fairchild; Marshall Davidson;
William H. May;  Lillian Baldridge; Robert Perry; Jim Daniels; Sam Hatcher; Sabra Jacobs.

Also Present: Franklin Fitzpatrick and Alice Howard

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM.

Minutes of the October meeting were presented. Minutes accepted as presented.

Sam Hatcher, on behalf of the Treasurer who was absent, presented the treasurer's report. Balance of general fund was $10,782.68. Jim Spencer moved, Marshall Davidson second, that the Treasurer's report be accepted. Motion carried.

Sam Hatcher, with the approval of the trustees, introduced Frank Fitzpatrick to make a presentation concerning the development plans for the Middle Creek National Battlefield.

Mr. Fitzpatrick presented the plans, and described how they were able to work with the Transportation Department in making the road that has been rebuilt through the battlefield a positive. The Battle Field will have a loop walking trail, and eventually a visitor's center. Mr. Fitzpatrick is working with various professional consultants in the design. It is planned to have various panels throughout the battlefield area describing the battle. He also wants to have related panels in the community. He indicated that First Commonwealth has committed to fund and place a panel for the Garfield House. He indicated that he would like to propose that the May House participate by sponsoring two signs, one at the house describing its role in the Civil War in the Big Sandy, and another about the skirmish at the grist mill that preceded the battle. Mr. Fitzpatrick indicated that the cost would be approximately $5,000 per sign.

After a general discussion of the pans Lillian Baldridge moved, that subject to funding, that we participate in the Middle Creek National Battle Field project as outlined, and provide two signs. Motion was seconded. Motion passed.

Sam Hatcher brought up that Fred T. May, who is managing our Web site (http://mayhouse.org) has offered to post the minutes of our meetings after they have been approved. As no objection was noted, Sam Hatcher indicated that he would advise Fred May that it would be ok to post the minutes.

Sam Hatcher also reported that Fred T. May has offered to donate 20 books, with a sale value of $700, towards the funding of the donor marker. He wanted the Trustees to recognize and accept the offer with this condition. Lillian Baldridge moved, Jim Spencer second, that we accept Fred May's offer. Motion carried.

Jim Daniels brought up how the profits from the sale of the Floyd County Pictorial History Books were to be split. He indicated that he had found in the minutes of the Floyd County Historical & Genealogical Society were it was indicated that the profits would be shared. Jim Daniels indicated that he interrupts this to mean a 50/50 split. Dr. Perry indicated that what he meant by sharing the profits was that after the books were printed, each organization would purchase the books and profit from the sale of the books that each separate organization purchased, that a 50/50 split was not what was meant.

Several other trustees voiced the opinion that since the Friends of the May House used their funds to obtain the books sold that there should be no split of profits, that each organization should only profit from the books they purchased.

Jim Daniels moved that the Friends of the Samuel May House share the profits on a 50/50 basis. The President called for a second three times, no second forthcoming the motion died for lack of a second.

Marshall Davidson moved, second by Robert Perry, that a committee be appointed by Sam Hatcher for the Friends of the Samuel May House, and Jim Daniels for the Floyd County Historical & Genealogical Society to study the division of the profits. Motion carried. Marshall Davidson and Jim Spencer were appointed.

Alice Howard brought displayed an area rug that she thought the May House could possibly use. She indicated that it originally cost $300, and offered it to the May House for $150.00

Sam Hatcher reported that according to John Rosenberg, the proposed lease with William and E. B. May for the area of the parking lot is nearly ready, and should be ready for the signatures soon. Also, that progress has been made for the historic easement.

Jim Daniels moved, Don Johnson second, for adjournment at 9:15 PM.