Seed Planting Time - 1998

Photos and commentary by Sam Hatcher

President, Friends of the Samuel May House, Inc.

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On April 18th and 19th, 1998, the Friends of the Samuel May House celebrated Seed Planting Time at the Samuel May House. Using his new digital camera, President Sam Hatcher took these beautiful photos of the exhibits. We didn't have very many visitors, but we had a good time, anyway. Maybe we will have more next year, when the word gets around. Mabel Lineberger and David Hereford put a lot of work into these displays. Good work, friends!!!

The May House Food Preparation Room featured a display with an Antique Candy Scale, Washboard, and Poster. Several of these items were provided by Jean Burke of Prestonsburg. Thanks for sharing your heirlooms with us. Jean!

A Dish, Basket and Milk Pitcher Display in the May House Dining Room. Most of these items were provided by Friends member Mabel Rowe Lineberger and her mother, Grace Rowe. The AntiqueCoffee Grinder was provided by Jean Burke, another long-time member of the Friends. Thanks for sharing it with us, Jean!!

Catherine's Parlor featured a display of Antique Tools. Many of these tools came from Jim Helmondollar's Country Boy Feed Store on South Lake Drive in Prestonsburg. Thanks for sharing these things with us, Jim!!

Catherine's Parlor also featured a Wagon Wheel, a Whip-Saw, and an Oxen-Yoke owned by Donald Ray Arnett of Prestonsburg. Thanks for bringing these items, Donald!

Another display in Catherine's Parlor featured Pickling Urns and Coal Buckets. The urns were provided by Marshall Davidson of Prestonsburg. Thanks for bringing these things, Marshall!! This photo also shows off our beautiful yellow poplar floor.

Here's Samuel May's Parlor with its magnificent mantel. The Chairs and Tea Table were provided by Lillian Baldridge. Notice Mabel Lineberger's beautiful Silver Service on the table in the corner.

I'm not sure, but I think that these two items were provided by Marshall Davidson. Look at that beautiful floor!!

This beautiful Antique Clock was provided by Dr. Mabel Lineberger. The Painted China Plates also belong to her. The mantel in this picture is located in the May House Dining Room.

The Antique Candy Scale drew a lot of comments. This was part of the display located in the Food Preparation Room. By the way, the tables for our exhibits were provided by the First Presbyterian Church.

Here's another photo of the display of Antique Tools. The Ox Shoe was provided by David Hereford of Prestonsburg, Treasurer of the Friends of the Samuel May House, Inc. Thanks, David, for all the work you did on this project.

Terry Buchanan celebrated Seed-Planting Time by planting an Old-Fashioned Herb Garden next to our back porch. Thanks for your contribution, Terry!!! Thanks, too, to Ellis Buchanan for doing the spade work. I hope that these herbs take root and begin to flourish.

Here's another shot of the Antique Tool Display in Catherine's Parlor. I hope that you enjoyed the tour. Come back and visit us again sometime.

Sponsor of the Seed-Planting Exhibits was Dr. Mabel Lineberger of Prestonsburg. Thanks, Mabel, for all the work you put into this project. Thanks, too, to David Hereford, Lillian Baldridge, Marshall Davidson, Jim Helmondollar, Jean Burke, Della Herald, Grace Rowe, Sam Hatcher, Donald Ray Arnett, and the First Presbyterian Church of Prestonsburg.

This project was a good idea, despite the fact that so few people attended it. I urge all those who visit this page to compliment our members on their work and make their own contribution next year.

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